Curse You Dave Grohl!

Foo Fighters release Emperor-inspired Christmas sweater



Tacky Christmas sweaters are a smash these days and rightfully so. Let’s enjoy a reason to hang out with all of our friends freezing in a garage getting hammered dressed in grandma holiday sweaters. Sounds good.

The whole thing always seemed like an unspoken tribute to Bill Cosby’s taste above the waist. Now that his reputation below the waist is starting to supersede the northern hemisphere, we’ve moved on to metal sweaters.

Metal Christmas sweaters started appearing over the last couple years with Slayer and Dying Fetus being just two of the culprits. Fuck it. It’s funny enough. My friend made a Christmas card of him in a goat/pentagram sweater with his cat. I laughed. I like laughing. Thanks, metal sweaters.

I don’t mind Dave Grohl. He has a pedestal and calls bullshit on a lot of the industry. I despise Nirvana. Don’t care for the Foo Fighters. I’m pro-Dave Grohl though. He’s always tried to put his reverence for metal in the spotlight.

The Foo Fighters are the latest to release a holiday sweater. They’ve chosen to parody the Emperor logo. Spot on job. Hey, some completely oblivious people are going to check out Emperor. If there’s two sides to anything, I will always pick more people listening to Emperor as the side to be on.

Settle down you nancies.

If you don’t like Emperor and you’re reading this, I don’t like the band you really like either. I’m that confident every regular reader of this site likes Emperor.

If you’re Dave Grohl, I wish I liked your music more. Keep up the good work though!

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