Dave Davidson’s Altars Of Fatness: El Pelon Taqueria In Boston

El Pelon Taqueria

Revocation’s Dave Davidson returns for the third installment of his regular food column here at Gun Shy Assassin, and after reading this, I just may have to take a trip to Beantown

El Pelon Taqueria has been on my list to review for a long time. It’s an establishment that’s very near and dear to me due to the fact that it’s local and I’ve been eating there for about a decade. I’ve had mexican food across the country but I can say without a doubt that the burritos at El Pelon are the best I’ve ever had.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the food, let me first just give you guys a little background on the joint. El Pelon’s location was right down the street from my high school which is in the Fenway Park area.

I don’t wanna point any fingers but I think this guy could have been responsible

I would go there several times a week in my younger years and all was happy and right in the world. But then, tragedy struck and El Pelon caught on fire and sadly was destroyed. But like a mighty phoenix it rose from the ashes and triumphantly returned… Only to burn to the ground once again. Seriously, the fucking place went up in a blaze TWICE in one year. I hadn’t heard much about it so I figured my beloved El Pelon was gone forever.

But then I heard some rumors and whispers that El Pelon was coming back and this time the location was right down the street from my house. Needless to say I was there opening day and I haven’t stopped going back since. But enough with the history lesson, lets get down to the food.

…waiting to be unsheathed

My favorite burrito at El Pelon would have to be the carnitas, although the carne asada and pescado burritos are excellent as well. I also highly recommend adding refried beans and guacamole to your burrito for maximum fatness. The food is really affordable with most burritos averaging around $6 bucks. They’re also totally massive as well so bring your appetites if you wanna tackle one of these bad boys in one sitting.

JD and jalapeno hot sauces

I can’t finish this blog without also mentioning they’re hot sauce. I consider myself to be a hot sauce aficionado and I would definitely put both they’re homemade hot sauces in my top 5. The “milder” sauce (I use the term “milder” loosely since it’s pretty damn hot) is a sour cream and jalapeno sauce. The jalapenos give it the heat, but the sour cream gives it a nice cooling effect.

A delicious inferno of flavor

However, if you’re really in the know and are looking to get spiced I suggest asking for the “JD” sauce. It’s made with habaneros so it’s blazing hot but also has killer flavor.

If you can’t get enough spice and you’re a local you could also check out their chili pepper eating contest where you can compete against other maniacs in a quest for spicy glory.

There’s no way I would ever agree to this

All this talk of El Pelon is making me hungry and my hangover is finally wearing off. Looks like I know where I’ll be going for lunch today!

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