Dave Davidson’s Altars Of Fatness: Kentucky’s Holy Grale

The beer listThe beer list

The beer list

On our last tour of the U.S., we covered a lot of ground and of course, consumed a lot of tasty treats.

However, it wasn’t until the last day of tour that I encountered the best meal of the entire trip. We were on our way from Little Rock to Newport, Kentucky, when our bass player Brett told me about a gastropub that was right on the way and asked if I wanted to check it out.

After a quick google search and scanning of the menu the answer was a resounding “FUCK YES!”

Once we pulled up to Holy Grale I knew it was my kind of place. They had a lot of killer stuff on tap so I decided to start with a 3 Floyd’s Gumballhead.

Nothing like the first beer of the morning...Nothing like the first beer of the morning...

Nothing like the first beer of the morning…

As eye-catching as the beer selection was, I was really pumped on the menu so I decided to splurge a bit and see what this place was all about.

The pickle plate came out first and was a great introduction. There was pickled fennel, onion, green tomato and even cranberries.

The pickle plateThe pickle plate

The pickle plate

They also served homemade kimchi and some shiitake mushrooms with mustard seed. Oddly enough there were no actual pickled cucumbers on the plate but with the selection that was offered I wasn’t missing a thing.

After the lightness of the pickle plate the rest of the meal was an exercise in decadence, including the salad.

Heart stoppingly delicious!Heart stoppingly delicious!

Heart stoppingly delicious!

The roasted bone marrow plate came out next and was super rich and delicious. The cheese-it bread crumbs were a nice touch of added gluttony. If you’ve never had roasted bone marrow before I can sum it up in two words, meat butter.
Who says salad has to be healthy?Who says salad has to be healthy?

Who says salad has to be healthy?

The wilted kale salad followed next and was made extra unhealthy with the addition of duck confit and a duck fat vinaigrette. Picture the face drooling face Homer Simpson makes and you’ll get a good idea of what my reaction was to this dish when it arrived on the table.

After those three appetizers I wasn’t sure if I even had room for my entree but once I dove in I knew I wasn’t stopping until my plate was clean.

The rib eye was succulent and was accompanied by roasted sunchokes and potato croquettes.

The rib eyeThe rib eye

The rib eye

There was a little salad of arugula and picked fennel on the side which helped to cut the richness, but overall it was an indulgent way to close out an indulgent meal.
Cheers and goodnight!Cheers and goodnight!

Cheers and goodnight!

I decided to get a Founders Breakfast Stout to complete my lunch since my other guitarist Dan seemed to be really enjoying his.

The stout had a real deep coffee flavor however, no amount of caffeine would be able to rouse me from my inevitable slumber.

Sleeping in a van never felt so good after a meal like that.

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