Dave Davidson’s Altars Of Fatness: Travail In Minneapolis, Part 2

Revocation frontman continues his 10-course meal in Minnesota

Dave Davidson's Altars Of FatnessDave Davidson's Altars Of Fatness

Dave Davidson’s Altars Of Fatness

Hey, what’s up guys! In this update, I’ll be continuing my review of Travail since there were so many interesting courses to talk about.

For those that missed my last post, Travail is located in Minneapolis and is a new American restaurant that serves up a very unique 10 course tasting menu. I made it up to course five in my last update so let’s keep moving right along and pick things up with course number six.

Course 6Course 6

Course 6

This dish had a lot of different elements going on and like a few of the courses before it, was assembled one component at a time right in front of me at the table.

There were two types of ham, one being a simple thin slice while the other was diced and maple glazed…because you can never have too much ham.

Then, there were croutons, caesar salad leaves and what the chef referred to as “white stuff” (which turned out to be finely minced egg.)

Sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and a shaving of black truffle rounded out the dish. Definitely one of the more interesting “salads” I’ve ever eaten.

Little SmokieLittle Smokie

Little Smokie

A “little smokie” came out next which wasn’t a dish but rather a small bite in between courses to tide you over.

The next official course to hit the table signified a clear step into entree territory.

A piece of succulent roast pork wrapped in speck came swimming in a bubble bath of blueberry foam.

There was also a crepe filled with a mushroom ragu on the side which paired quite nicely with the protein.

Course 7Course 7

Course 7

After that course, one of the chefs brought out a little pork dumpling to try and it was simple yet delicious.

The ponzu sauce that was served along with it added a great citrus kick to elevate the simple snack.

Pork DumplingPork Dumpling

Pork Dumpling

The eighth course to arrive was an asparagus soup dusted with saffron powder and was served slightly chilled.

This dish along with the passion fruit dippin’ dots that were served afterwards was a great palate cleanser.

Course 8Course 8

Course 8

The flavors were fresh and vibrant and the difference in temperature was also a welcome change that helped to create contrast in the meal.

The final entree course was an amazing finale to the savory dishes that were served. The short rib in this dish had such a deep smokey flavor that it would make any Texas pit master proud and was cooked perfectly.

Dippin’ DotsDippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots

The short rib was served with a very unique interpretation of cornbread that was topped with a corn salsa as well as popcorn for good measure.

Course 9Course 9

Course 9

After 9 courses I was feeling sluggish to say the least but when dessert was served I mustered the strength to finish every last delicious morsel on that plate.

This was easily the most varied dessert I’ve ever had and since each bite was so unique it would be impossible to pick a favorite.

I would take sips of the banana chocolate milk shake with cherry foam in the center as I worked my way down the line, savoring each sweet morsel one at a time. The cookie dough gnocchi was decadent while the raspberry tart was on the lighter side.

Course 10Course 10

Course 10

By the time I finished the s’more at the end of the plate I was in total food coma bliss. As I said this place is not just a restaurant but a totally immersive dining experience.

If you’ve got a few hours of free time and want to enjoy a mind blowing meal in Minneapolis, look no further than Travail.

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