Dave Mustaine Says Roadrunner Didn’t Treat Megadeth Well

Dave Mustaine

Welcome to the party, pal!

That’s Roadrunner’s MO, no?

Vlad Busca interviewed Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine on May 22 in Romania, and Mustaine let Roadrunner have it.

“I think if there is anything that is really bad about the music business, it’s that it’s been infiltrated by people who are businessmen who don’t know anything about music and it’s all about the numbers.”


He continued: “I remember I was in Germany one time and this woman, who was from our label, was calling another band that was coming in ‘product.’ Not people, not the name of the band or anything like that. And I thought, ‘Wow, that’s really kind of impersonal.’ ‘Cause, I mean, this is our art, this is what we believe in; we struggle to translate our feelings and emotions into music and stuff. And sometimes you kind of get lost in the part of it, because you have so much pressure from someone who works for a label. It’s like: sell, sell, sell, sell. Instead of how it used to be 30 years ago when music business was all one word. Now it’s, like, music, which is us, and business, which is a lot of the people who are board members and stockholders and publicly traded record companies.”

He added: “That’s what I one of the things I love about Universal is, they spent more on our first photo shoot than almost all the videos that Roadrunner did. One photo shoot! Our last video we did for Roadrunner was one sixth of the money that they spent on our photo shoot. It just shows you how out of place we were there. At the time, though, you figure going back several years, heavy metal was not popular in America. It was about, you’ve gotta be Tayor Swift or you’ve gotta… First off, we were never really in this to be the most popular band in the world. We play this music, ’cause we love this music.”

Megadeth have a new album in stores June 4 called Super Collider.

I’ve heard it. The title should be Pooper Collider. It’d be more apropos.

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