Dave’s Not Here, Part 2

Sean Harris

So when I last left off, I was in a pretty pissed off mood. I really felt like I had to vent about the whole situation that Dave Lombardo is still experiencing. Some time has passed since he was sacked from the Aussie tour and I, for one, remain on the side of Mr. Lombardo.

Does that mean that I hate the rest of Slayer because of this incident? Short answer’s no, but the long answer is yes.

When it comes down to it, nothing will ever change my love for the band itself and it’s music. It’s not like Reign In Blood has disappeared off the face of the earth. It’s still the heaviest goddamn thrash metal album I’ve heard in all my life, but who can I attribute that album to?

If you look closely at the liner notes (for those who still have CDs), you’ll notice one crazy thing. They have lyrics printed inside! I know. For anyone over the age of 12, that’s par for the course, but nowadays it’s pretty foreign.

Most bands who put lyrics in those little awesome booklets are basically paying homage to the days when that was the only place you could find lyrics.

Sorry, I’m back from my tangent. What I really noticed on the booklet to Reign is two things.

1. The pictures of the band actually makes it look like they’re having fun.

2. Jeff Hanneman wrote or either co-wrote every song except “Piece By Piece.”

Fun. Isn’t that a huge part of being in a band? I guess when you get to the level that Slayer has attained, it becomes more of a business than a hobby that’s “fun.” I’m sure they’ve always had fun but as it stands now, I’m figuring morale is pretty low. How low?

Try having the drummer from that album and your best guitarist to be off the grid.

Now Dave’s departure was — long story short — avoidable. Unfortunately, egos do exist in the music business; who knew?!? Jeff’s departure, on the other hand, was a freak accident that the spider gods handed down on the metal community.

Whichever way you spin it, Slayer is seriously depleted. No disrespect to Jon Dette but he’s not Dave. And…

Gary fucking Holt! He IS metal. I’ve been in love with Exodus since the first second I heard “Bonded By Blood.” 

He is Exodus and Exodus is Gary. When I saw Slayer a couple years ago with Rob Zombie, Holt did double duty that night, playing for his band and Slayer later in the night. No matter how much I love him and his amazing talent, he’s not Slayer.

It was weird for me to look over to stage right and not see Jeff. Almost every song in the catalog that I love to bits, was written by Jeff.

Now I feel better. Rant over…oh wait.

Fuck spiders, fuck greed and stay metal!

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