Dear Hunter: Episode 13 — Tour Update

Dear Hunter

Hey friends! We are in the middle of our first headline tour supporting our new album Crown of Phantoms. The shows have been fun and we’ve been playing great. It’s seriously so tight. You’ve never heard Chimaira like this. It’s wild. If we’re coming to your town, check this tour out!

Right now, we’re in Cali driving after a bus breakdown. The scenery is beautiful here. Love Cali.

We just had a successful debut on the Billboard charts, beating the first week sales of our last album. Considering this band went through a few changes, hasn’t toured a whole lot, and we’re in the worst era of CD sales in history, to come out on top like this is HUGE.

I can’t thank our fans enough.

We are also fortunate to have an extremely kick ass team working for us. We wouldn’t have been able to make such a monstrous comeback without them. These are great times.

The press has also been kind to us for the most part. I always enjoy reading reviews, even bad ones. If there’s something of quality to criticize, that pushes me to work harder. Simply saying “I don’t like this because it’s sucky” makes you sound like a child in the sandbox.

Well, enough about all that. Let’s get into something important like aliens. My thought is they’re here but impossible to see without using massive amounts of hallucinogens. I suggest if you want to meet them that you travel to the other realm.

Sensory deprivation will take you there. Meet the Greys. Ask them what they need from you and bring back the information to better humanity.

I often wonder about aliens or if people even read what I have to say in these blogs. That’s why we’re talking about aliens and the fact that I’m stuck on a broken down bus wishing I would be abducted by a shiny UFO. Get me off this thing.

Nothing worse than being late and it’s always painful when it’s due to vehicle trouble. I understand shit happens, but yeesh. Just a bummer. We should be sound-checking, but we’re in traffic. We wanted to jam but someone got confused. That went right over Larry’s head.

Anyway, thanks again for all the love and we’ll see you on the road…hopefully! This is only the beginning!

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