Dear Hunter: Episode 9 — Upchuck The Update

Dear Hunter

Have you ever shit razor blades while puking sour bile at the same time? All the while having a panic attack due to dehydration and anxiety? Praying for an end — even if it means death?

This was my last acid trip as well as the week I am spending with Gastroenteritis, otherwise known as the stomach flu.

Man, I hate getting sick — but that’s what happens when you work 15-plus hours a day for over a month and spend your time in close proximity to a large group of guys. 

If one dude forgets to wash his hands after he wipes his ass, it could infect the entire gang. Giving my bandmates the benefit of the doubt, I blame babies and children. Yes, babies and children. Everyone I know that has a kid is usually sick. I have way too many friends with kids at the moment.
At the E/R, the nurse told me 40-percent of pediatric patients at the moment had the stomach flu. “It’s going around,” she said.

One of the many reasons I won’t consider having a little bastard until my late 40’s or early 50’s is I enjoy my immune system and freedom too much. Keep your unhealthy breeding ass at a safe distance, or wear a Sars mask. Oh, and one photo of your contagion spreading mutant via social media is enough for the day.

Where was I? So, I woke up Monday and spent the first four hours of my day hurled over the toilet wondering what the fuck was wrong with me. Then I spent the rest of the day at the studio overseeing the final day of mixing for our record. Vomit metal. 

The record sounds great and I couldn’t be more proud of the six of us. And the great crew we had work on the project delivered. All brought their A-Game. 

Rather than wax creative jargon here, I’m going to let you in on a few simple facts regarding the new Chimaira album. We’ll make this plain and simple and then you can go back to fighting on Facebook over marriage equality.

– The album was produced, engineered, and mixed by Ben Schigel.

– The guitars were re-amped by Mark Lewis

– The assistant engineers on the project were Tony Gammalo and Jim Stewart.

– Dan Millice is mastering the album as we speak.

– The album will have a late summer release through eOne in the United States.

– It took about 35 weeks from start to finish to write and record.

– A good chunk of the album was written at my kitchen table.

– We documented the recording process (beyond the kitchen).

– 11 album tracks.

– Most technical material I’ve been a part of.
And now, here’s some fan-submitted questions, sent in via Twitter, with my responses:

@ForcedLife: “Is there an instrumental on the new one?”
Sort of. More like an extended interlude. Not electronic based, more epic — a la “Implements” intro but way darker. 
@mitchell_dk: “It’s always fun trying to find the movie references in your lyrics…Any films used as inspiration on the new album?”
Not like usual. The content is quite internal. I watched some of my favorite cerebral movies on the reg during the process to “stay in character.” “Enter The Void,” “Eyes Wide Shut,” “Lost Highway,” and “There Will Be Blood” to name a few.
@JAGERSLAYER: “Is this the album that ‘defines’ Chimaira?”
I think the previous albums helped define the band; this is more about refining and reinventing. The essence is there, but this is a whole new trip.
@ConnorReising: “Are there any guest vocalists or musicians on this album (like Phil Bozeman on the Age of Hell)?”
We had a little help from a friend on a piano bit, but other than that, it’s just the six of us.  
Okay, it must be a slow day on Twitter. The other night I asked a random Netflix question that received over 50 replies in a few minutes. I ask if fans want to know anything about the new album: four questions in 20 minutes. Trippy coincidence.
Oh well — remember to wash your hands and stay healthy, friends. 

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