Death of Desire Frontwoman Claims She Was (Maybe) Raped

Dawn Desiree

Well, where do we start with this one? If this actually went down — and the details seem kind of fuzzy, at fucking best — then someone’s ass needs to be locked up or kicked within an inch of it’s life. There is no crime more foul than rape — in my opinion. It warms my heart to learn that in prison, these guys are treated like the shit they are and gagged by gargantuan cocks on an almost daily basis. That’s one way to start.

Another would be to sum up the allegations at hand: Dawn Desiree, who fronts black metallers Death of Desire, claims she was drugged and possibly raped by someone from Perverse Productions, an extreme metal label based in America. She can’t remember for sure. That’s a heavy charge, but I don’t really know why she’d lie about it. For publicity? I mean, I must admit — I’d never heard of this band before today, but generally-speaking, I tend to side with the alleged victims from the start. Someone needs to figure out what went down.

First, Perverse posts a slanderous MySpace blog calling Morbid — who is in Death of Desire and may be Dawn’s boyfriend or something — a “fake,” a “worthless talent,” a “scumbag” and a “douche bag from Mexico who “made us believe he was from somewhere in Germany.” They claim last Thursday, “we saw him beating on Dawn Desiree. We then stepped in and nearly beat his ass making him flee. That’s when we drove Dawn’s car to our friend’s house where she slept because she was way too intoxicated. That same night someone broke into her car and ransacked it.”

Dawn has a different take. Here’s what she told BW&BK: “I wanted to stay out of the back and forth internet bullshit because this whole ordeal has been difficult for me. However, Perverse Productions does not want to let it go. Now I am compelled to tell my side of the story. Morbid and I were to meet up with George, from Perverse Productions, and a potential bass player for a couple of upcoming shows in Mexico. On Thursday at 9:45 p.m., we met up with them at a local bar. During the course of the night, four other guy friends of George showed up to the bar. We found out later that most of them were members of George’s band Antebellum.”

Dawn Desiree

Four beers later, at around 2 a.m., the bar was closing. “After that I only remember George taking my car keys and getting in my car while I asked everyone around to give me my bag that was in my car. No one answered me regarding my bag specifically. I heard someone say ‘Don’t worry — everything will be fine.’ That is the last thing I remember. This leads me to believe that one of my drinks was drugged. We are all metal heads and you know four beers is not enough to make someone lose several hours. In speaking to Morbid, he told me that he was trying to talk to me in the parking lot…trying to get me to get up and leave because all five dudes were trying to jump him. He told me I just sat there in a catatonic state, completely unresponsive to anyone around and staring into the distance.”

She next remembers waking up at 9 a.m. in a strange house and she “found out I was at the house of one of the guys at the bar. I had no phone and no car. I walked the streets looking everywhere for my car and it was nowhere to be found. I stayed at the house all day because I knew if I left I would never see my car again. At 7 p.m., George rolls up with one of the shadiest-looking motherfuckers I have ever seen. George assured me the car was…one block away and the car was there. I first inspect the car for damage and notice that it was unlocked. I asked George why he didn’t lock the car and he said he didn’t know how.”

The car had been rummaged through. “I was furious. Not only did he steal my car, and my purse with my GPS and Cellphone and my metal CDs (only the metal ones) but he was also a terrible liar.”

She says the police have been notified. “What is even more unsettling is that George has now changed his nickname to ‘Rape’ on the Perverse Productions MySpace. I am completely devastated by this because I have no idea what happened to me between the hours of 2 a.m. and 9 a.m. The police have been notified and I am confident justice will be served. No one deserves to be treated in this way and unfortunately I am probably not the first.”

May I remind you that in America, we are all innocent until proven guilty, and no, she didn’t say she was raped. But she all but said it. What do you think of this story? Please leave a note in the comments section below.

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