Death To All Tour Changes Name To DTA

Chuck Schuldiner

You would’ve figured the Sick Drummer Magazine douches would try to avoid bad press, after totally fucking up the inaugural Death To All Tour.

But nooooooooooo!

Now the Web site has gone and threatened legal action against Eric Greif…unless he changes the name of the tour he ended up organizing and running for a second, actually successful run earlier this year.

“A minute to explain about the name ‘DTA,’ since it has caused a lot of chatter,” Eric writes on the tour’s Facebook page and on Death’s Facebook page.

“As you know, ‘Death To All’ was a one-off, five U.S. city tour organized by Sick Drummer Magazine in June 2012. It featured seven former Death members and had our blessing. The shows were killer but behind the scenes things went wrong: Sick Drummer mostly didn’t pay anyone (the musicians, us, the booking agent, the opening bands, the crew, the charity), they cancelled 2 shows, and there were questions about refunds, etc. What a mess.”

Read about that here.

“The bottom line was that Death fans loved it, we loved doing it, and so decided to carry on if it was possible. But UNBELIEVABLY in June 2013, despite the fact they owed everyone tens of thousands of dollars, Sick Drummer’s Ian Macdonald wrote me a demand letter saying he wanted FIFTY GRAND for the name ‘Death To All.’”

That’s fucked.

“We had trademarked it but were so pissed off that he could sink so low that we all made the decision to cease using the term ‘Death To All’ — most people simply refer to what we’re doing as ‘DTA’ anyway, so only refer to the tours now as ‘DTA.’ We continue to use the Death logo because it needs to be obvious to everyone that this is official and sanctioned by us.”

That is a fucking dick move, Ian. You greedy, sketchy son-of-a-bitch.

“I hope this clears things up,” writes Eric. “Death as a band ceased to exist in 2001 when Chucky died. DEATH now continues on as an important metal brand. DTA is another tool in keeping the legacy alive. Everyone that sees the Death logo knows that Chuck died years ago but that his music is timeless. DTA is one means of getting together to celebrate Chuck’s creations.”

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