Def-Con-One’s Lant Discusses Rift With Cronos

Antton Lant

Def-Con-One drummer Antony “Antton” Lant is probably not friends with his brother — Venom frontman Conrad “Cronos” Lant — on Facebook. I am, but he probably isn’t.

Why? Let’s just quote this interview Lant recently did, shall we?

“He’s no longer my brother,” Lant says. “And he knows to stay the fuck away from me, too.”

Damn, son. I wonder what happened.

Speaking of his new band, Antton says the band he left in January, Mpire of Evil, “was not supposed to be ‘alternative Venom,’ or at least that’s what I thought: the plan was to be an original band.

“Unfortunately, me and my so-called brother fell out a few years back, so I have nothing to do with him anymore, but I should have listened to a few of the things he used to say about the other original members,” Lant goes on. “Megalomaniacs! Ya know, saying that, I’ve never had any problems with Abaddon; he’s always been cool with me. The arguments started when Jeff started chopping my drum parts up. I recorded all my drum parts separately and gave Jeff the drum files: he then chopped my parts up, taking verses and replacing them with choruses from different songs; he then took so long to mix the tracks that we were running out of time with the record company deadline. I first found out that my parts had been changed when I was cc’ed in on an email to the record company. A lot of those songs sound like that because of me: some of the riffs were not going to be used and I suggested them and I changed some of the bits too.

“The whole chorus for ‘Hell To The Holy’ was my idea, even the melody. I still have all the original shit without the changes, with my vocal ideas, etc. There was a 12-inch vinyl released but it had nothing to do with me: when I asked about the deal etc., I was accused of calling them thieves. But hold on, if there is nothing to hide well then show me the contract. I can now see what was happening, though, and I guess I was a bit stupid to not see it… having me in the band made the whole three ex-Venom members thing more attractive to agents — and also the Cronos connection kinda gives it a seal of approval somehow. So, when Jeff heard that I had left Venom, he thought, ‘Maybe I can use this in my favor…’ He was not my friend. I feel a bit stupid now for not seeing it. Then we talked about touring: I wanted to tour straight after the release of the album, not three weeks before it was released — that’s stupid. And I thought we were an original band that was going to throw a couple of Venom songs into the set. Not a full-on Venom set: come on, man, what’s all that about? I have NO desire to be in a Venom tribute band, NONE. If I wanted to play Venom songs all night long, I would still be in Venom… remember, I left Venom…? Ya know, I don’t see the Foo Fighters playing Nirvana songs live.”

Mpire of Evil are not the Foo Fighters of metal, dude. Not by a country mile. I don’t know who is, but Mpire of Evil isn’t.

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