DevilDriver’s Fafara Wants To Slap Disturbed’s Draiman

Why slap when you can punch?

Get in line, asshole face.

Dez Fafara is a tough dude. I bet you he’s been in at least a zero fights, and I bet you he’d make quick work of you if he ever talked shit to his face. I bet you he’d get all Danzig on you, call you a “motherfucker,” and push you down like the little bitch that you are. I mean, look at him: He has FACE tattoos. That means he’s tough. Only tough guys have face ink.

I’m assuming tough guy Dez is getting sick of listening to David Draiman whine about how Disturbed’s going on hiatus because hard rock, metal, and the industry are ruining music. Draiman also had some snide remarks to make about “cookie monster” vocals. I bet you he prays at night, before he gets tucked in, to be able to growl like Mikael Åkerfeldt.

Dez posted on Twitter: “Draiman was addressing almost every heavy band on the planet! If I had a white glove I would slap you!” Damn, that just gave me shivers. I wish I could be that fucking tough.

Meanwhile, Draiman spoke to Revolver to put a new spin on his controversial “demise of hard rock and metal” comments.

“The state of the music industry is very apparent to everyone,” he tells that useless fucking web site. “I’m not enlightening anyone by saying that it is in a state of decline. I’m not enlightening anyone by saying it is in a state of reformation and it needs to figure itself out again. It’s just a very difficult time to function as a musician within the music industry when personnel are lost left and right and people you’ve counted on for years are suddenly cast by the wayside.

“People are much more concerned with how the company looks on a balance sheet to a potential buyer as opposed to concerning themselves primarily with things like artist development,” said Draiman, about the music business. It’s a fucking business, dude. “That’s definitely a factor in why we chose to do this indefinite hiatus now. If things were gangbusters in the industry it would be much more difficult to turn away for a little while and concentrate on other things we’d like to do. It would be cutting off our nose to spite our face. Where things go with any of us in our own individual projects during this hiatus will determine how long it lasts or if it is, in fact, indefinite.”

And now, thanks to the newly designed ThePRP, a segment I like to call “Why Randy Blythe From Lamb Of God Is Awesome.“ Here now are his online comments about the whole controversy.

“Oh, who cares? I thought it was actually FUNNY. And yes, I’ve lived in a basement, and yes I do the cookie monster. It’s only music…I mean, the metal/HC/punk scene WILL survive (even once it loses a bit of popularity) just as it ALWAYS has — IN THE UNDERGROUND. Music goes in cycles — @MarkDuaneMorton and I often joke when we’re on a huge tour, ‘Enjoy this — we’ll be back in small clubs soon enough.’ It’s great to make a living at this, and tour with bands like Metallica, but we have no illusions about being ‘stars’ or whatever. So once its not as popular, REAL BANDS — bands who do this BECAUSE THEY LOVE IT — will survive, the underground will survive, no prob! Remember: ‘It’s only rock-n-roll but I like it, like it, YES I DO!’”

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