Devin Townsend Battles Ziltoid in Finland

Ziltoid the Omniscient

Whenever I see a dude in a Devin Townsend-related shirt, I must go talk to them. I feel like, for a lot of people [Edit: Lots of people called jerknipples], Devin is an acquired taste. Me? I took to the dude’s shit immediately. I can remember where I was when I first heard Devin: I was in the back of my friend Adam’s Subaru on I-95, just outside of Hartford, and a bunch of us were on our way to some show up in Rhode Island, and we blasted Terria the entire trip there. After that, I had to have everything the man touched.

Devin Townsend

I love Devin, and its because of video like this. He’s just such a riot on stage, and he thinks very differently than most of us. The guy has been sober now for a good stretch, and I was kind of worried that would hinder the Devin I’d always known on stage. But as you’ll see in this video, it wasn’t the weed that made him funny. While playing in Finland, a fan captured footage of Townsend performing with Ziltoid the Omniscient. For those of you who are Devin-deficient, Ziltoid was the inspiration for Townsend’s ninth record. Basically, the Z man is an alien being who comes to Earth in search of the universe’s finest cup of coffee. Its weird and its out there and its brilliant.

As you can see, Devin had to plan all of this out and get his timing down, so he could sync up with the video feed. Quite amazing stuff. All hail Ziltoid!


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