Devin Townsend Can’t Listen To New Sabbath Album

Devin Townsend

See, everybody?

Devin Townsend is just like you. Well, I can only speak for me, and he’s like me, insomuch as he, too, feels Black Sabbath’s return was less than illustrious and not worth torturing oneself with unnecessarily.

Me? I listened to 13 and was like, “Yeah, I don’t need to do that anymore.”

In a new interview, Townsend says he purchased the new Black Sabbath with his own cash, “and I can’t listen to it because the drums are distracting.”

OK. He can’t listen to it for a different reason, but still…very similar.

“It’s not Bill Ward. It has nothing to do with the drums being not-Black Sabbath or poor performance or poorly recorded, or anything — it’s just that I can’t shake it’s not Bill Ward, so it’s not Black Sabbath to me.”


“I know that it’s a naïve way of looking at it, but I feel the same way about anything I do. Unless it’s completely me, I don’t want to be that guy, I don’t want to be that guy that goes up and plays Strapping Young Lad songs. I wrote most of the stuff, but I didn’t feel comfortable. In fact, I felt that until I worked on my relationship with those guys — and not that my relationship is bad, it’s healthy — but until I come to terms with it and until people stop bugging me, I’m not going to have any perspective on the band other than frustration, other than odd memories. I just felt that it’s not what I wanted to be doing right now.”

I forgot to preface all that with one fact…that fact being Devin was once again being asked in an interview why SYL won’t get back together. Because he doesn’t feel like it, OK? Can we all leave Hevy Devy alone now with the Strapping questions?

So, there.

Read the full interview here.

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