Devin Townsend Continues Work On Epicloud

Devin Townsend

There is no other site on the internet spearheaded by a bigger Devin Townsend fan than Gun Shy Assassin. Need proof? You must be new here.

Yesterday, the highlight of my day — literally — was I was in my basement, looking for my Christmas lights so I could decorate my fire escape and get in the fucking holiday spirit, and I found this plastic tub I hadn’t rifled through since I moved into my place some three years ago.

This is why I am a huge Devin fan. Inside this tub were various blankets and towels. But knowing I packed that tub up with my ex, and knowing that towards the end of the pack, she just threw my shit together needlessly, I did some digging. In addition to finding my long lost Opeth shirt, I unearthed my Devin Townsend Physicist shirt. It was the happiest moment I would experience during my entire Sunday.

Yet, Devin’s label is not advertising his new box set, Contain Us, here. Lame. But my fandom overpowers blows to my ego, so I will continue writing about my hero.

Over the weekend, Devin Townsend updated his Twitter by checking on with some information on his forthcoming album Epicloud.

“Things are good, been getting over a gross cold, started writing again for the next record, and getting ready for the Canadian tour on Weds,” writes Dev. “Kind of turned a corner with Epicloud and it’s starting to come into focus, I’ll keep you posted. Before tour I need to catch up on life…”

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