Devin Townsend’s “Retinal Circus” Detailed

Devin Townsend

You can now pre-order Devin Townsend’s epic Retinal Circus release here.

The deluxe “Die Hard” box set includes an exclusive signed litho print and will be limited to 500 copies only.

It’s probably already gone at this point. There is also a Limited Edition version of Retinal Circus as well as a BluRay version and DVD.

With each variation, there is an option to purchase one of the official event shirts from the show.

Meanwhile, Townsend has been sharing his thoughts on this downloading culture we live in.

“Holy shit! Are Retinal preorders up? No one told me! Anyways, the huge box is expensive but worth it. 2500 of them and then no more. EVER

“The really expensive version is pretty extensive as well,” he says. “I’m sure those of you without cash will find ways to see and hear it. I get it…”

Then: “The way I see it is: Make the products as best you can. Make them worth it. Give people options and be fine if people download it, you know? Its difficult to make it all work, and if we sell stuff, I want it to be good. I don’t mind if you don’t buy things, really… But if you want to, there’s some good stuff available.”

Townsend added: “I know buying and selling music is a tricky and ugly business folks. Things are expensive to do, but there’s no pressure to buy anything. HONESTLY. If things are too expensive, know its because its hard to make ends meet while making interesting packages.

“Get it any way you can; My feelings about downloading etc. remain. I get it. It’s a part of the reality of music now. Try it before you buy it if you’re wary.

“As someone here said… Amidst life and money, pay what you can, or don’t. But I hope you enjoy it, that’s the point… And yeah, the limited editions are expensive, but it’s so creatively rewarding, there’s a market for it, and I am not trying to convince you.

“Essentially, the industry is dead, so physical product needs to be bad ass to be worth it, but production costs are mega, so there it is. And we’re trying to offer a cross section of options.”

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