Dillinger Escape Plan Frontman Bemoans Interview Dopes

Greg Puciato

Sometimes when you’re a writer or journalist like me, you do these fucking conference calls, where some artist is off in a hotel room somewhere, on a phone, and a bunch of journalists from across the country get to ask this artist questions.

Most of the writers on the call get one question. Usually, they ask the worst questions you can even imagine. It usually makes me laugh.

The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato posted a blog rant yesterday, bemoaning the lazy questions Australian interviewers have been asking him lately surrounding the band’s tour there.

“Eyeball deep in Australian interviews. These fucking interviewers….When will they stop asking ‘what can we expect when you play shows here.’ You can expect what you just said. We’re gonna play shows there. Jesus. What the fuck do they expect us to say to that?”

It’s a good question. I have maybe asked that question three times in my career…usually as one of those standard throwaways towards the end of an interview when I’ve lost complete fucking interest.

“It’s like when sportscasters ask players what they’re gonna do to win the game. THEY’RE GONNA TRY TO WIN THE GAME. ‘Well we’re gonna go out there and do our best to try to beat the other team.’ NO SHIT THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE GONNA DO. They want soundbites. ‘We’re gonna unleash the fires of hell’…‘We’re gonna ram it up the ass of everyone in the crowd starting with the Limp Bizkit fans”…Yeah…That last one.”

Hilarious. This dude rules. I love and respect his honesty.

“Any Aussie press reading this…that’s the one you use. So anyhow…what’s up everyone? Things good? You guys ready for the Krampus or what?”

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