Dimmu Borgir: Album Cover Change Due To Copyright Issues

Galder tries not to doze off

So, I had never heard of this site TheGrimoire.com before today, and after trying to watch their video interviews over at Blabbermouth, now I know why. There’s this broad doing the interview with Dimmu Borgir guitarist Galder on the band’s tour bus, and I’ve enjoyed other people’s farts more than this fucking boring “chat.” Who brings flash cards to an on-camera interview? I guess this chick’s name is Layla, but she’s a bore. I’d rather be stuck in gridlock traffic — in 100 degree weather with no air-conditioning and a mouthy bitch in the passenger seat whining the whole time — than ever have to watch this fucking video interview again.

They should make people who suffer from insomnia watch this video. They’ll be cured in no time. My favorite part of these videos is the fucking shooter. Dude…let the dumb, pale girl fucking ask the questions. Don’t jump in with your stupid bullshit. There’s some other chick in the room, too, who keeps interjecting. She sucks. They all suck. And the camera work was all over the place, and gave me a headache. Get a fucking tripod dude.

Fortunately for us, this annoying video did yield some news. Galder actually explains — sort of — what happened with the whole Abrahadabra album art change thing.

“We had some problems with the guy making the skull — and some copyright stuff — so we had to change it… There wasn’t really that big of a difference; I mean, the version is a bit more brutal than the earlier version,” says Galder. “It was just because we had some problems with it. Skulls are always cool.” Of course, the dumb chick doesn’t ask any follow-ups about what the “copyright stuff” was.

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