Disturbing Image Surfaces From Annual Juggalo Gathering

Just wow

I’m not a fan of Insane Clown Posse, or their fans, the Juggalos. This is something I have made well known in the past.

I am, however, a fan of sex and blowjobs…a lot of which apparently went down this past weekend during the annual The Gathering of the Juggalos at Cave-In-Rock in Illinois.

This disturbing image has surfaced from the Gathering, compliments of The Gauntlet.

It disproves the long-held theory that all Juggalos are young white thugs who like to finger their cousins and kill babies.

But alas, some are old. And love to get fucking down in public.

They’ve got that Juggalette broad on the flesh spigot, giving her the old rotisserie treatment. I’d guess he’s doing her in the fotch but this is the Gathering of The Juggalos — he’s more than likely pushing in her stool.

In addition to coining the phrase “Juggaho,” The Gauntlet also posted this beautiful passage: “At the front of the train is an 83 year old ‘conductor’ wearing a nice yellow jacket as he gets his jimmy whacked.”

Demerits for not mentioning that feathered-cap. That guy’s so old, his phone number’s (518) 9.

I thought she was blowing him. I love that the dude doing the butt plowing is wearing a Fear Factory shirt. So maybe he’s not an honest-to-goodness Juggalo. His pal may not be one either. They are horny old dudes, though, who love to get their fuck on.

And are those other guys with the tattoos waiting in line for their crack at the Juggaho’s juggaholes? If so, I’m proud of these guys for not roughhousing. Or insisting on DPing that broad and rubbing meat swords together. That’s just wrong.

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