Don’t Buy A Computer From Dance Gavin Dance Singer

This is what damage control looks like

First of all, I hate this fucking band, even if they are post-hardcore. I hate their name, their music, and their stupid look. Dance Gavin Dance are — to quote my girlfriend — “freakin’ horrible.” Truly, they are. Normally, I wouldn’t be covering this band…at all. But when a dude in a band is alleged to have swindled people out of their hard-earned cash, I feel it is my duty to warn my readership.

An article that surfaced online last week claims Dance Gavin Dance frontman Jonny Craig is a turd. The article — written by a fan — claims that Craig “sold” a used Macbook to the fan over a series of emails and texts. The money was sent to Craig ($600, in fact) and guess what? The computer never showed. Now, more people are coming out of the woodwork, claiming they were similarly sold a used Macbook, paid for it, but never received jack from Craig — who has gone on Twitter to deny he’s a crook.

The picture in this post is an example of one such Tweet, where dude is claiming he didn’t scam anyone. But if you read the texts provided the article, you can see Craig is just stalling this kid, dancing Gavin dancing around the issue, blowing him off, and offering excuse after excuse. This is why I don’t buy shit online from sites like eBay. Fuck that noise.

Of course, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But this is not looking good for Mr. Craig. In fact, I would not be surprised if the po-po somehow are involved in this. Just let this be a warning to you: Don’t buy a computer from Jonny Craig. Or Jenny Craig, for that matter.

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