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Selecting The Right Messaging App

When there are too many messaging apps available during these times, it can be somewhat tough to select the best ones among the lot. For instance, you might hear many innovative features of Viber. If you are not willing to take that leap of faith and install Viber on your smartphone, you will have no other option but to stick with the mediocre set of features found in the competing messaging apps. As of now, there are 500+ million subscribers using Viber all over the globe. This in turn implies that people are finding the messaging app to be unique and exceptional when compared with the conventional applications.

Push-To-Talk And Stickers

Allow us to highlight some of the special features found exclusively in Viber.

  • Push-To-Talk –This is a voice message streaming service coming from the company. It will allow you to say what you want rather than spending precious time typing the messages. Sending voice messages while having one-on-one conversations is an exclusive feature found only in Viber. You can also use this facility while having a conversation in a group. Sharing whatever you are thinking freely and instantly becomes a hassle-free process, thanks to such features. As of now, push-to-talk facility is available only with iOS and Android.
  • Stickers – At the first glance, using stickers while having conversations, might appear as a bit childish to some of the users. However, as time passes by, you will understand that these stickers will allow you to express yourself in a much more meaningful manner while having conversations. The app comes with more than 1,000 stickers to bring that daily dose of creativity to the discussions. If you are not satisfied with the free stickers offered along with the app, there are provisions to buy more of them through the Viber Sticker Market. Stickers are available for iOS, Android and for Windows Phones.
  • Group Conversations – Yes, we understand that this feature is available with many other messaging apps too. However, allow us to elucidate some unique aspects of Viber. The fun and flexibility levels incorporated into the app are simply praiseworthy. Do bear in mind that anyone can create a group and the recent update allows us to have an admin for the group. Although the members of the group can keep on adding new members, only the admin can remove or block users. You can create unlimited number of groups in Viber. Each of the groups can have a maximum of 100 participants (including the admin of the group).
  • Enabling / Disabling Permissions –The app will function properly only if you are willing to permit Viber to do certain things / access certain settings on your smartphone. The permission policies are different for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Among the three operating systems meant for smartphones, only iOS has the least number of permissions. Android tops the list of permissions required for Viber to operate in a proper manner. If something is not working as intended, try to uninstall / reinstall the app. This will reset the existing permissions.Download The Latest Update For Android

    You can download and install Viber for Android by visiting the official marketplace (Google Play Store). Search for the app and download it. The latest version of Viber for Android OS enabled devices is version 5.4. This update comes with great new features so that you can have a great experience. Group icon is the main feature integrated into the latest update for Android. Sending photos to the other contacts has become much simpler too. If you own a tablet and install Viber in it, then you can start placing video calls after installing the latest update.

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