Download Viber For Windows Phone To Enjoy Free Calls And Messages

Viber is an app which enables to you to make free calls, to send free text and to do video messaging using your mobile phone and helps you to remain connected with your family, relatives and friends located anywhere in this world.  You can get connected with any other Viber user using any type of device and network. There are two different versions of Viber available for Windows phone. You can easily download Viber freely from the Viber store. At present more than 500 million people are using Viber for their communication needs.

Different Versions

There are different versions of Viber available. You can download and install Viber versions for Windows Phone 7 as well as for Windows Phone 8. You can start using  Viber after installation and your mobile phone number becomes your ID. The Viber application easily syncs with the contact list of your mobile phone and automatically detects your contact who is using theViber installation. Make sure that you are getting the latest version of Viber.

Easy To Use

This application is very easy to use. Once you download and install the Viber app from the manufacturer’s site, there is no need for you to do any registration or there is no need to make any invitations to start using the Viber app for sending messages and making calls.  The user need not have to create passwords to start using Viber. So, it is very convenient for the users to use Viber for making calls and for sending messages or receiving videos using this application.

Features Of Viber Application

Viber application for Windows provides great features for Windows phone users.

  • Top quality high definition mobile phone calls through Wi-Fi or 3G
  • You can share photos, location and colorful stickers easily with your contacts with Viber
  • This application offers full support for receiving video messages
  • It is possible to pin conversations of your choice so that you will not lose track of your conversations.
  • Snap view in Viber allows the user to browse the web, play games or work by keeping Viber on one side of the screen.

Viber Out

Once you install Viber in your phone. You can make calls to mobiles and landlines all over the  world at the lowest rates using Viber Out option. To use this, you need to create an account and buy Viber credit. You can launch Viber on the Windows phone and can dial any number to start talking with your friends and family located anywhere in the world.

The User Friendly Features

The latest version Viber 4.5 offers many user-friendly features to give the best overall experience when using this application. With new Viber 4.5, it is possible to easily swipe and see the photos included in a conversation. You will be able to change the language in which Viber gets displayed by adjusting the settings option provided in the latest Viber. You will be able to add new contacts to the Viber contact list using the QR code reader option.

Public Chat Feature

Another reason for you to download Viber for Windows phone is to make use of the public chat feature. This option helps you to remain connected with your favorite film, sports, and music or fashion celebrities and access their conversations. To make the public chat work, you just need to download the Viber and sign in.

How To Start Using Viber?

Once you download and install Viber on your phone, you will get an activation code to use Viber for Windows through your mobile. Enter the received code in the field marked as “activation code” to complete the task of setting up Viber. Now, you will be able to use Viber on your Windows phone.

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