Dream Theater Drummer Slams Portnoy’s Style

Mike Mangini’s words are subtle but sting

In an interview I saw posted on Blabbermouth, Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini was asked about his predecessor, Mike Portnoy, who co-founded the band more than 27 years ago but quit unceremoniously in September 2010 while on tour with Avenged Sevenfold.

“Mike was the drummer in Dream Thearer before me, so I’ve had a chance to spend time with his drumming, because it’s my job to learn his parts,” Mangini said.

“And I find that Mike’s drumming is very… it fits the music. It makes the music simple to be followed. So he has good thinking in his creativity with his drum parts. That’s what I like.”

That’s a bit of a slam, no?

To say the dude’s drumming was “simple” is a knock, for sure.

Let’s hope Portnoy responds to this, once his panties are sufficiently bunched.

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