Dream Theater’s James LaBrie Has A Weird, Yet Infectious Laugh

When I was at MTV News fucking two million years ago, I did a couple of “stand-ups,” which basically means I stood up, in front of a camera, and read copy for a news segment.

You may think its easy to just read moving words without stumbling, but it isn’t. In fact, sometimes, you start laughing after one of your screw-ups, and you can’t stop.

Case in point: The video at the end of this post.

It shows Dream Theater’s John Petrucci and James LaBrie fucking up a promo for an upcoming event.

He can’t stop

One fudging, and LaBrie gets laughing and all of a sudden, goofiness ensues.

I caught myself laughing just at how weird and funny James’ laugh is.

See if you don’t smile or laugh yourself.

Dream Theater — the band’s self-titled 12th studio release — drops September 24.

The following video may brighten your dreary day. All I know is, that LaBrie likes to guffaw.

He must have a nice life, man. Dude who laughs that heartily has to.

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