Dropbox 3.0 APK Download Available – New Material Design and Top Features

The popular file hosting service just updated its Android version and you can get it from the Google Play store. In case your device won’t “see” it, it means that it will be available for you in the following days. The new version comes with new features and we’ll tell you about them below.

If you own an Android mobile device, with Dropbox you will create a special folder and move there all the files that you want to be stored in the cloud. The hosting service will sync these files and you’ll have access to them from any Android device that you’d use, by logging into your account. This means that you’ll need to install the application, register to Dropbox and opt for a Dropbox Basic account and get 2GB of free storage, or you can upgrade to Dropbox Pro plan and get 1TB of storage, but you’ll pay €9.99/month (around $12) or €99/year (around $111). The Business Plan will charge you €12/month (over $13) and you’ll give permission to up to 5 users to have access to your data.

Besides Android, Dropbox supports devices running on iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and it’s an official port to Symbian and MeeGo. The new version for Android, 3.0, brought some changes to app’s appearance, which is “better, faster and more usable”. Dropbox uses now Material Design mantra, which was presented in June 2014, at Google’s I/O conference and if you analyze it in detail, you will notice the other important changes.

You will see that the folders feature a “+” button whose role is to allow you to take photos while you’re inside that folder and save them there. This way, you won’t occupy space on your phone, because the photos you’re taking are automatically uploaded to Dropbox.

Also, in the top menu you’ll see a new search icon which will help you to find files and content within the documents you’re storing on Dropbox. And to navigate through folders, you’ll just swipe left/right.

Other changed that were done to the version 3.0: you’ll find sharing controls and file actions (related to moving, favoring and renaming) in the same place, in the info pane, while the file list contains file and folder locations, shared folder members and modification dates.

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