Dropbox vs Box – Cloud Storage Service Winners

Everyone has heard of the famous Dropbox, it is a pretty heavy-duty cloud storage service, but Box is coming in from behind pretty quickly and it is also packed with amazing and practical features which are meant to aid all kinds of small or large enterprises.

About usage and features

Both Dropbox and Box are user friendly services. The former can be used through a web site and even a desktop app whereas the latter can be used by simply dragging and dropping your files if you wish to sync with all of your gizmos. You can also add several permissions such as restrict or allow access to several folders.

Dropbox for Business comes packed with state-of-the art features such as: recovering files, encryptions, audit login and even an authentication that must be performed in two stages.

As for as the usability, Box isn’t much different from Dropbox. It functions on Windows and on Mac as well. It was designed to serve those working in enterprises and gives users all kinds of user friendly commands. One has the sharing feature, encrypting of files as well as the option of tracking the usage. You can also leave additional comments on your files and even schedule deadlines for your tasks if you have to. The fact that you can create your own personalized applications is also a big attraction point for Box.


Dropbox for Business functions next to several other popular apps such as WebEx, Photoshop, Word and so on. You have a total of 300,000 apps that are being supported by Dropbox.

Box on the other hand is only compatible with 1,200 apps through the OneCloud ecosystem, (for instance NetSuite).

Dropbox and Box can be used on the following:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • BlackBerry
  • Kindle Fire
  • Windows
  • Mac

Price Tag:

You get 10GB free for Box and 2GB for Dropbox. However, the method of paying to upgrade is pretty different for these two services.

Dropbox Pro costs £7.99/month and users can enjoy 1TB of storage, remote wipe and sharing features.

Dropbox for Business costs £11/month. With this option you have limitless storage as well as file recovery and all of the key management commands.

Box on the other hands comes with Starter package that has the basic options included such as 100GB storage and enhanced security for merely £3.50/month.

The Business package for Box is mostly used for both small business and mid-sized ones with again the limitless storage option and full commands when it comes to admin options. This will costs £11/per month.

Conclusion: What you end up choosing depends on de type of business you are running. The Dropbox for Business is a much more affordable variant in terms of limitless storage and it is great for small businesses.

Box is mostly used for bigger businesses that are eager to get their hands on the personalization feature of the service and use it in combinations with other advanced business tools such as Netsuite for instance.

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