Dubsmash App Free Download – The Latest Dumb and Funny Communication Tool

Smartphones have taken the level of communication to the next level.

With the availability and acceptability of apps like Snapchat, Vine and expressive emojis, phone calls and simple text messages amuse smartphone users no more. While Snapchat and similar apps might be making the communication system dumber than before, another funny and innovative app named Dubsmash has hit the Android and the iOS stores.

The app is a new form of communication where users can create brief videos using several creative tools and share conveniently for free. Precisely, users can select a sound, record a video to dub it and share it via social media. Though, some might think that the basic communicative idea in Dubsmash is dumb, a majority of people are using it because it’s fun. With that said, here’s why the Dubsmash app is rolling high on the stores.

Large Database of Sounds

An imperative factor that adds a fun element to videos in Dubsmash is the availability of sounds. There is a huge number of sounds to choose from, at the time of making a video. The sound database is tremendously large and is increasing every day as any user can upload audio and video files. Thus, you can use an audio file not just for yourself, but also offer it to other users; increasing the availability of desirable sounds.

Increasing Popularity

In the recent years, several apps have been used by millions of individuals because of its popularity. Whether it is Instagram or WhatsApp, many people register their presence after noticing that their role model or a favorite celebrity uses it. Dubsmash has been in the market for some weeks, but it’s being used by renowned celebrities like Jennifer Lopez. This has influenced many people to try out the comedic app.

Low Video Quality

Communicative video apps are developed in a tactical manner, so that the videos created through them do not occupy much space. As the videos are likely to be shared via social media, developers try to restrict the data to certain MB. Vine managed to do so by limiting the time to 10 seconds only. However, Dubsmash does not set a time limit, but downgrades the video quality to reduce its size. Hence, the videos created using Dubsmash are small in size and, hence, easily shareable.

The best kind of video can be created in Dubsmash when you express motions exaggeratedly. If you are good at dubbing, an additional level of fun can be added to the video. Moreover, this comedic tool might destroy your communication, but will make your recipients smile on the dumb yet funny videos.

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