Dustin Boltjes’ Vault Of Violence: Part 1

Skeletonwitch drummer debuts his new column about horror flicks

Dustin BoltjesDustin Boltjes

Dustin Boltjes

We are beyond thrilled to be able to welcome Dustin Boltjes to the Gunshy team. The drummer for the almighty Skeletonwitch will be writing now and then about horror features for us. Here’s his first entry.

Greetings all you sickos, perverts, and purveyors of the macabre! Welcome to my first installment of “Vault of Violence.” Every month or so, I will bring you a double feature of some of the best underground horror films to satisfy all of your darkest desires.

If you have a weak stomach, turn back now, for it’s about to get brutal. As for these first two films, I’ve decided to start off with some of the absolute most violent ones from my vault…Enjoy!

First up is “Martyrs.” Released in 2008 by French director Pascal Laugier. A twisted tale of torture, revenge, and the ultimate question, “What lies beyond the realm of pain and death?”

This film stuck with me, long after watching it for the first time, and has since become one of my all time favorites of the genre. Thought provoking, there are tons of twists and turns that leave you wondering just where this film is heading next. It leaves you feeling very uneasy, as there is plenty of blood and violence to appease all of you gorehounds!

And the torture scenes, alone, will have you second guessing why you may have chose to watch such a brutal film. But tough it out, for the ending is pure genius!

I’ve probably watched this film 50 times, and it truly gets better and better with each and every viewing! If you like your horror with substance and intelligence, this ones for you… And make sure to watch the unrated version.

Next up is “August Underground’s Mordum” (2003) If you’re not familiar with Toetag Pictures Inc., do yourself a favor — look them up.

They have been producing some of the most horrific horror this side of the Mississippi. In particular, the “August Underground Trilogy.” These films are uncompromising, and hands down, probably the sickest shit I’ve ever witnessed with my own eyes.

Most notably, the second installment, “Mordum.” Filmed as a snuff-style movie (camcorders, raw-editing, etc.), this is one sick fucking gem of American cinema.

It follows the trail of a group of psychotic kids, and their path of mayhem as they torture, maim, rape and kill their victims. And they capture it all on camera. Thanks guys!!! If there ever truly was a film that makes you feel filthy upon watching it, this is it!

Depravity and perversion at its finest! I dare you to make it through this one. If you do, I commend you.

There is one scene involving a pair of scissors and a poor victim’s penis that didn’t leave my mind for quite some time. Completely disturbing, and gory as all hell. Film creator Fred Vogel is one sick son of a bitch, and in my opinion, a true maestro of the malicious!

The special effects, by the amazingly talented Jeramie Cruise (he also did work on “Murder Set Pieces,” which we will get to, at some point), brings all of this horror to life. It all looks so real, which makes this film that much more horrific!

Approach with severe caution on this one.

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