Dustin Boltjes’ Vault Of Violence: Part 3

Skeletonwitch’s drummer returns with some Halloween horror flick recommendations

Dustin BoltjesDustin Boltjes

Dustin Boltjes

Tis’ the season, boys and ghouls! It’s that wonderful time of year — death is in the air. Happy Halloween!

For my next installment, I’m featuring a couple of holiday-themed gems for all you trick or treaters. Obviously, John Carpenters’ classic “Halloween” is the go-to film for the season, but there are other (very few, unfortunately) great films that center around this horrific holiday!

First up is the 1988 classic, “Night of the Demons.”

Featuring ’80s scream queen, and teenage boner fantasy babe, Linnea Quigley! And she is at the top of her game in this flick! All hail the Queen!!

Ok, back to the story at hand. It’s Halloween night, and Goth babe Angela has invited a group of horny, party-lusting teens to the abandoned “Hull House” for a costume party. Sounds like a blast right? Well, they probably should’ve researched the house a bit more because yes, it’s possessed…

This film reeks of everything awesome about ’80s horror. The dance scene with Angela, post-possession is solid gold. Great special effects, and the “lipstick” scene is so bizarre and creepy.

Once the film takes off, it never let’s up. I could probably go out on a limb and say “Night of the Demons” could very well be one of my personal favorites from this era of horror cinema…spend the night at Hull House, if you dare.

This next one I stumbled across very recently — 2013’s “All Hallows’ Eve.”

After a night of trick or treating, our “destined for something horrific” babysitter discovers an unmarked VHS tape in one of the kids’ candy bags.

Should they watch it? Of course, wouldn’t you? They pop the tape in, and we are introduced to the maniacal Art the Clown.

Clowns in horror typically don’t do it for me, but Art is fucking creepy as hell, so I’m hooked.

This begins three short films, within a film, all twisted and tied together between this clown, which did I mention, is terrifying.

This film bounces all over the place, and its a hellish ride.

Brutal killings, great gore, and the use of lighting and ambiance is killer. The film looks incredible, and to back all of that up, an amazing score by synth group, Noir Deco.

I love this film! It’s refreshing, and uncompromising. I look forward to seeing what director, Damien Leone has in store for the future. Watch this one alone. The tension in some of these scenes are enough to shake you up a bit. Oh, and Art the Clown, you’ve restored my faith!

Kudos, you creepy son of a bitch.

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