Estranged Wife Of Tim Lambesis Files $2 Million Civil Suit

Tim in courtTim in court

Tim in court

Man, usually this doesn’t happen until after the criminal proceedings play out, but Meggan Lambesis, who has refused our requests for an interview, is not resting on her laurels.

She has taken some serious legal actions against her estranged husband, As I Lay Dying vocalist Tim Lambesis — who stands accused of trying to have her rubbed out, like the pussy he fucking is. If you want someone dead, kill ‘em yourself.

According to Lambgoat, which landed one actual scoop and now considers itself a journalistic authority on Lambesis (you’re just a fucking hardcore blog that fell in with the right scoundrels), either filled out a freedom of information request or did a simple records search, and got copies of Meggan’s divorce and civil filings, which were made in August.

The site claims Meggan has requested orders of protection for not only her but her three adoptive children and two Boston terriers.

Meggan filed for dissolution of marriage more than a year ago — one month after the two were separated (the couple married in June 2004).

She claims that the month before, Tim had sent her an email informing her that he no longer loved her and didn’t want to be with her anymore. He was away on tour at the time, and Meggan stated in court papers that after their separation, Tim “continued to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle and bought a new residence in his parents’ name before he was arrested in May 2013 for allegedly hiring a hitman to have me killed.””

In his parents’ name, obviously, so that Meggan couldn’t go after the home in the divorce.

When has was busted, Tim was living in sin with his girlfriend, Amanda, in Carlsbad with an unnamed roomie. Meggan lived in neighboring Encinitas.

One of Meggan’s divorce attorneys asked for release of funds from a court-controlled account; he wanted $52,500 in “fees” and $40,000 in “costs,” the site claims.

Meggan’s divorce team is listed as four attorneys, a paralegal, a secretary, and a “clerical person;” the combined hourly rate for these seven persons comes to $1,740 per hour, which isn’t atypical.

Tim’s divorce attorney isn’t as regarded, charging just $525 per hour.

Tim stated that he has paid his own attorney $35,000 as of July 2013, and a judge has since released $20,000 more to each attorney for both sides out of a trust account.

In her most recent filings, dated August 7, 2013, Meggan estimates Tim’s income is $14,088 per month.

Fuck me in the mouth with a toaster! That’s insane. I’m in the wrong business. I can make shitty music, too.

Tim filed a declaration of his income and expenses as part of the divorce proceedings, and claims his parents live with him. Part of his monthly expenses — $2,000 — goes to a shrink. That’s hard to swallow.

In court papers, Tim stated that he has been unemployed since May 10, 2013; he last filed taxes for year 2010.

Tim reported: “All tours were cancelled and the record label does not want to release any albums; the band still has an outstanding debt that will need to be repaid from any future income. The band was advanced 200k two years ago for a contract. That contract ended 6 mos ago and paying back $150k.”

Sounds like AILD is fucked.

The next hearing to renew the restraining order against Tim is set for January 15, 2014, in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse. On the same day, in the same courthouse, the criminal case will be heard before another judge in another courtroom.

The next date for the Lambesis’ divorce proceedings is set for April 16, 2014, in San Diego’s Downtown Courthouse.

But the real news here is on August 2, 2013, Meggan Lambesis filed a civil suit against Tim, seeking significant monetary damages from her estranged husband. Meggan claims “personal injury” and “assault, domestic violence” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress;” these injuries are allegedly from when her husband hired a hitman to smoke her.

“The solicitation of another individual to commit murder upon a spouse is abuse,” papers say.

Meggan is seeking $1 million for emotional distress and $25,000 in medical expenses to date, in addition to $75,000 for future medical expenses and $1 million in punitive damages. The suit also seeks attorneys’ fees.

The next court date for the civil matter is set for April in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse.

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