Everyone Just Needs To Calm Down About This ‘Jeff Hanneman Burns In Hell’ Post

Jeff Hanneman

Yes, I have seen it.

Everyone keeps asking me if I have seen this news piece on Jeff Hanneman’s death, which characterizes the Slayer guitarist as “a weak-willed servant of Satan” who “drank himself to death after a necrotic spider bite took away his ability to strum the Devil’s chords.”

I have seen it, but I’m not bothered by it.

Everyone’s all up in arms over this dumb-ass post, which is an obvious trolling attempt which, while perhaps too soon, is not really offensive otherwise.

Look, people are entitled to their freedom of speech in America. People can say whatever, whenever they want to without reprimand. That’s one of the things that makes this country so great and so terrible at the same time.

Is this article offensive? Only to the thin-skinned and the stupid.

The thin-skinned will take it as a personal slight while idiots will allow themselves to get all butt-hurt, despite the fact that the article’s clearly a satire, meant to be funny.

Is it funny? Not really. In fact, it’s kind of hard to make the argument this article does: That Def Leppard’s Rick Allen could continue playing drums with one arm, meaning Jeff should have persevered and learned to play guitar with his feet.

That’s just ridiculous.

I’d be the ultimate hypocrite if I were to bash The National Report for its Hanneman obituary, because I often say things that are’t popular, often at the wrong time and often to the insult of everyone.

Is it in bad taste to post such a story within days of someone’s death? You bet. But is it inherently wrong? Not at all.

Everyone just needs to calm down and stop being so fucking sensitive. They’re just words, and you’re actually doing the site a favor by continually visiting it, commenting, and telling the author to go die. Your hatred is feeding their pockets. Stop.

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