Ex-Killswitch Engage Singer Talks About His Diabetes

Howard Jones

The erstwhile singer of Killswitch Engage has broken his silence on why he split with the successful band, which was at the height of its fame.

I think they’ve been elevated since then with the return of Jesse Leach, because the new album’s the bomb when that last Howard record felt lazy and uninspired.

Howard Jones discussed his diabetes diagnosis with Metal Hammer, but makes no mention of knocking up a porn star. So, I’m guessing that’s just a secret we’re going to have to keep on keeping, huh?

“Finding out you’re diabetic is pretty dramatic,” Jones said of his surprise diagnosis last year, following dizzy spells and blackouts that led him to wake up in a hospital bed.

“I just started feeling weird, and then I started getting really clumsy,” he says. “I fell down some stars and broke a finger, then fell down some other stairs and broke a toe. Then I collapsed. I was in a coma for three days. They basically told me I had the highest sugar level they’d ever seen. Afterwards, they told me I had a 50/50 chance of coming out with brain damage.”

Oh damn. Maybe I’m diabetic. I feel weird all the time, and clumsy. I’ll go to my doctor the first time I take a header down a staircase.

Jones also discussed his new project with All Shall Perish’s Francesco Artusato and John Sankey, drummer for the Australian band Devolved.

“It’s fun to branch out and do some different stuff,” Jones says. “I got to write a little more deep and a little more dark. It’s been fascinating so far.”

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