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So, the latest Facebook Messenger APK download is available, but what can you expect with this very latest version? We are of course talking about the Android version, which is important to point out, and as with any update to the core part of the app there are a few changes that are going to just make your life that bit easier. So, what has happened with this update?

The Basic App

Of course with the basic app you can communicate with your friends on Facebook without going to the actual website itself. You can send messages, images, emoticons, and do so much of what you get up to on Facebook, but it is all done via this app on your phone and there is no doubt that it is very easy to use and you can understand why it is so popular. However, it is also common for things to change and improve and that is what is happening with the latest update.

The New Features
As is the norm, it is common for the main reason for an update to be to fix any bugs that have appeared since the last update and this version is no different. In version there are a few small changes and the first one is that you are now able to establish groups so that people that message you via the app can all be stored in the one place and you can also keep all of the images sent between you and those people together.

It has also been made easier to forward things to people that are not already in the conversation as it simply involves you tapping the screen and hitting forward then selecting the name of the individual. This takes just a few seconds to do and it is quite a cool addition that is certainly warmly welcomed.

However, the big change is the ability to call other users and it costs you absolutely nothing. These calls do use the wi-fi connection, so make sure that it is working or else you will be hit for charges and they could end up costing you a small fortune. This part of the app works in pretty much the exact same way as it does with other similar apps and there is no doubt that the call quality is pretty good, but then you would expect that from a company the size of Facebook.

So, with this latest version:

  • They have fixed a number of bugs.
  • They have introduced the ability to create groups.
  • They allow you to forward images.
  • They have launched the ability to call other users absolutely free to match other similar apps out there.

As you can see there have been a few major changes to the app and it is certainly a good idea to update it to the latest version as soon as possible. The call option is certainly being warmly welcomed and overall the app just seems to work more smoothly than it perhaps used to. However, it is a good idea to look out for the next update as well as it will have any potential bugs ironed out and surely you want to make sure that you have the latest version?

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