Facebook Messenger Latest Version for Windows Phone Comes with Chat Enhancements

Just last week, Facebook rolled out updates for their Messenger app.

However, this update was meant for users of the iOS and Android devices.

It is now the turn of the Windows Phone users to get some updates and Facebook has delivered on this note. The latest version of Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone is equipped with a bunch of improvements in the conversations aspect, all of which have already been availed on two other major platforms – iOS and Android.

It is not the first time we have seen the Windows Phone users being left out of major updates. WhatsApp does this on a regular basis with its updates. Just recently, it rolled out a voice calling feature for the Android and iOS users, but the Windows Phone users are yet to receive the feature. The same is also happening with Facebook Messenger, rolling out updates for the iOS and Android last week and then coming in with the same update for the Windows Phone devices a week later.

Users can now view chat details and adjust settings

Even the updates come to Windows Phone late, it is better than to never get them at all. The latest version of Messenger comes in with a new ability for the users of this platform. It will now be possible to view the details of a chat message or a conversation as well as play around with the settings of this conversation. In this update of Facebook Messenger, the users will be able to see the person in a conversation and when they tap on this person, a full Facebook profile will be displayed.

Easily manage notification settings

Furthermore, the users of Facebook Messenger will also be able to easily manage their notification settings and choose when to show them. The new app will also let the users add people to any conversation as well as change the photo or the name of a group.

There are some improvements that will be noted in the new Facebook Messenger app for Windows Phone. According to the developers, stickers will now be able to load faster and in a more reliable manner.

At the moment, these are the only major changes and improvements that have been included in this Messenger app for Windows Phone. However, a lot is expected to follow in the near future, especially with the forthcoming release of Windows 10 Mobile. If you haven’t installed the latest Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone, you can download it from the official Windows Phone Store for free. The current application is fully compatible with any device running on Windows Phone 8 and above.

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