Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp Messenger

Facebook Messenger has recently become a standalone app, just like WhatsApp, another popular Facebook messaging app. While it is possible to have the two messaging apps on your phone, there are certain notable differences and similarities between the two with regard to some features. Here is a comparison between Facebook Messenger and the WhatsApp messaging app.

Similarities Between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Obviously, the greatest similarity between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp is that both IM apps are owned by the technology giant, Facebook.Both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are used by hundreds of millions of users. Collectively, the two messaging apps take up nearly 80% of the instant messaging market.

At the moment, you can log in to Facebook Messenger independently. Previously, one had to log into Facebook to use this messaging app. In this regard, Facebook Messenger has become just like WhatsApp, which is also an independent app that does not require any other apps to provide full functionality.

Both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are available on several platforms. Either of these apps can be downloaded on iOS, Windows Phone, and even Android. In addition, both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger can be downloaded and installed for free. Signing up to both apps is also free of charge.

How WhatsApp Is Better Than Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp has just introduced a calling feature to in addition to its messaging feature. Facebook Messenger does not yet have a calling feature, and neither are there plans to introduce one in near future.

In return for charging a yearly cost of $0.99, WhatsApp does not display any ads, which is aimed at adhering to its policy of maintaining a clean easy-to-use interface. Facebook Messenger is not based on similar principles.

WhatsApp has more features than Facebook Messenger. While WhatsApp has image, text, audio, video messaging capabilities, Facebook Messenger only has image, text, and audio messaging capabilities. Moreover, while you can share location and contact details with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger does not offer such features.

WhatsApp does not demand for as much access to personal user data as Facebook Messenger does. For people concerned about privacy issues, WhatsApp might therefore be the better alternative.

How Facebook Messenger Is Better Than WhatsApp

To log into Facebook Messenger, Facebook details are needed. However, with the recent modifications to the app, it is possible to log into Facebook Messenger using a phone number. With WhatsApp, the phone number is the only alternative used to log in. So, Messenger has more options in this regard.

Facebook Messenger is free to use with no costs for premium features or continued use down the road. However, with WhatsApp, users can only use it for free in the first year and pay $0.99 per year afterwards.

Messenger’s user interface is more stylish than the interface on WhatsApp. WhatsApp seems to have lagged behind in its efforts to improve its user interface, spotting the same look for a couple of years now. The Messenger is simply much slicker.


A number of parallels exist between WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, the most obvious of which is that both messaging apps are owned by Facebook. Other similarities between the apps is that they both control a considerable portion of the instant messaging market. However, WhatsApp is better when it comes to features and privacy options. On the other hand, Messenger is better than WhatsApp in regard to user interface, and the fact that it can be used for free of charge.

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