Facebook Now Lets Users Add Gifs in News Feed

Gifs are so popular on the internet but Facebook didn’t love to officially support them for a long time until now.

They have confirmed that gifs will be available on news feed from now on.

For a long time now, the developers of Facebook have been strongly focusing on the videos and integrating them into the news feed. They have finally got it right and all types of video content now runs seamlessly on the official website. Now, they have moved to gifs and other types of content to make sure the site doesn’t look outdated. Because of these missing features, many users especially those who are below 30s and 20s shift to other platforms like Tumblr, Snapchat among others.

Newer Features

The company introduced the feature to let the videos auto play on the Facebook website almost two years ago in 2013. Ever since the feature rolled out, there have been the codes necessary to support gifs, but it wasn’t officially activated. Even Twitter reached the party earlier by launching gif support this summer, but for some reason, the people behind one of the largest social networking website in the world refrained from bringing it to the public.

Low Quality Memes

The biggest issue that bothered Facebook was that they were afraid if their site will be plagued by low quality memes. Besides, there is also the issue of uploading adult gifs which is found prevalently on the Yahoo owned website Tumblr. These two practical problems prevented them from rolling out the feature for many years until now.

Whatever the reason is, the company can no longer claim to stay away from changing technology. After all, they are supposed to adopt newer tech and stay ahead of the breeze. Failing to do so will make them an ancient space and could lead to its ultimate destruction, as it happened to Orkut and My Space. Facebook, for good reasons, has now activated gifs and they will automatically play as soon as you scroll through them. With modern day browsers becoming more advanced, implementing this feature and experiencing them on the user end shouldn’t be a tough call.

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