Fallout 4: Bethesda may be prepping surprise for fans

The highly anticipated sequel to Fallout 3 has been delayed quite a bit, but rumors have it that Bethesda is planning to surprise its fans with a wide range of improvements over the previous title. But what will these new additions be? Are they going to be new secret missions, maybe new weapons or even more interesting and smarter monsters? Well, about that we’re going to talk more below below as we take a closer look at some of the most viral Fallout 4 Rumors.

Boston will be the primary setting

The rumor that Fallout 4 is going to take place in Boston has been circulating the internet for a long time now. The rumor seems to have been started by a user on Reddit who seems to be pretty trustworthy when it comes to making predicaments for the popular game franchise. He reported that last August Bethesda was location scouting the MIT. That’s pretty interesting to say the least because the Commonwealth doubles for Massachusetts in the Fallout universe. As a result, if the action were to take place in Boston it would certainly make perfect sense.

As many Fallout 4 fans already know, Bethesda doesn’t really like to comment rumors and they didn’t bother commenting anything about this one either. And while the source of the rumor is quite dubious as some may say, the rumor may actually turn out to be true given what we’ve seen in the previous installment.

Introduction of Co-op mode

On the official Bethesda forum the moderators have created a very interesting topic that was asking users for their opinion on what the next Fallout installment should include. They also specifically mentioned that if anyone wants to discuss any major issues, they should create separate topics such as Co-op play or multi-player.

Now there’s a pretty large assumption that the moderators are in fact in touch with the Bethesda developers and Bethesda itself is very much aware of the high demand concerning the introduction of a co-op mode. And if you think about it for a minute, you realize that with the introduction of a co-op mode, the game can become a lot more interesting to say the least. No one could resist killing mutated monsters and completing dangerous missions alongside one or more of their friends.

Enclave will return

Ever since the classic Fallout games the Enclave or the Big Bad Wolf was placed in this role to add a bit more spice to the game. What is the Enclave? Well, it’s the remains for the US government that want to resurrect it for their own shady purposes. If you remember, by the end of Fallout 3, the Enclave were chased off Washington DC, which means there is a very good chance those few who were able to run away have made it to Boston and sought to create an alliance with the Institute. It also goes without saying that the Brotherhood is very interested in the androids as well, so if the Brotherhood returns, the Enclave will return as well.

These are currently some of the most interesting rumors concerning Fallout 4. Whether they’ll actually come true or not remains to be seen once the game is finally launched in 2016.

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