Fallout 4 Pre-Order Discount – Top Available Features

Yesterday the big in-game trailer was released in the online environment. Everybody was excited and the rush hasn’t faded away just yet. Expect Fallout 4 to be launched on Xbox One, PCs and of course PS4. As far as the launch date, we are all keeping our fingers crossed that it should happen somewhere in the current year. And if you’re excited and cannot wait to get your hands on the game, there are good news for you all-saving up some cash is now possible when it comes to the game console.

Apparently, Shopto.net has a great deal for the Fallout 4 going on. This is only available for PS4 and Xbox One. Fans can save up to 34%. Just think of the fact that brand new consoles can usually be acquired for the price of €70, so it’s not a bad deal after all. Take advantage of such a great offer. The only issue is that so far, nobody has heard a word regarding the launch date for the game. So if you do purchase it, it might be a while before you get to wonder through the Wasteland.

Those from Bethesda are also planning to include a new addition to the Fallout 4 game. Check out the in-game trailer to see what this new game is all about. Fans might not be satisfied with just the trailer, but it’s better than nothing right? We will continue with the update as soon as we know something new. According to other sources, other fine points and details will surely be unveiled at the E3 video game convention. This will take place in L.A in the month of June.

Fallout 4 Pre-Order Discount 2

Other versions of Fallout 4 are being customized in order for gamers to play on Sony PlayStation 4 as well as Microsoft Xbox One. You should expect the game to be available for Windows too. So more good news might be on the way-just stay tuned and don’t forget to check in once in a while to find out more.

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