Fallout 4 Release Date: Further Details To Follow?

There are times where games build up such a following that people eagerly anticipate the next instalment and that is what has happened with Fallout 4. This game has been rumoured for quite some time, it was actually mentioned early 2014 and then nothing else was said for an entire year, and we still have few details, but the one thing that is certain is that Fallout 4 is coming it is just a question of when.

Rumors Of A Release Date

It is anticipated that more information regarding a potential release date will appear in June and hopefully that is the time when we will get an official release date for this long awaited game. Industry insiders predict that if there is indeed more information released in June then it will mean the game itself hitting the shelves in either late 2015 or the earliest part of 2016. However, you would like to imagine that they would try to get it out before Christmas due to the number of people wanting the game.

What About The Game Itself?

So, we do not know the release date as of yet, but what do we actually know about the game? Well, there are scant details out there right now, and a lot of the stuff that you are reading about the game is purely speculation or in some instances is a straightforward hoax. However, what we do know is that it will be released on all of the main consoles, but of course we are just hoping that this happens all at the one time and not staggered as this will just serve to annoy those people that are forced to miss out.

What we do know is that its makers probably began work on this game in early 2012. This comes from job placements and this was the only game that they would have been working on at that stage, so that part does fit in well with the projected release dates listed above.

Unfortunately, we know little about the actual game play aspect and there are of course no screen shots to let us know what it is going to look like, but hopefully after their press conference in June, which has already been announced, we will perhaps be treated to some screen grabs or anything that will let us know what to expect.

So, with Fallout 4:

  • It has been spoken about for some time, but no release date has been announced.
  • It is hoped it will be the end of 2015.
  • They began working on it in 2012.
  • A press conference has been announced for June, so hopefully it will have more details.

People have been looking forward to this game since Fallout 3 came out in 2008, so it is about time that Bethesda did the right thing and finished the follow up. They already know that this game is going to sell in huge numbers as they are aware that people are eagerly awaiting its release. They say that they want their next game to be something special and the best they have ever produced, so if they mean Fallout 4, then it is fair to say that we are indeed in store for something amazing.

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