Fallout 4: Rumors Surround E3

With E3 2015 looming in the near future, the internet has been buzzing with recent rumors about the highly anticipated game Fallout 4. In a series that has seen its transition from PC to giant, open worlds on console that has taken players from Southern California, to Washington DC and most recently, New Vegas, fans of the franchise have been wondering where the Lone Wanderer may be off to next.

Bethesda is holding its first-ever conference at the E3 convention that runs from June 16 to 18th in Los Angeles, California. The conference has long been a place for big reveals among the video game industry, and it looks like this year Bethesda may have something in store for its fans. So what do we know about Fallout 4 anyway?

At this point, everything about the game is just a rumor. Fans have been speculating for some time that they would be seeing another Fallout game soon, since it has been five years since New Vegas hit the shelves for eager post-apocalyptic players.

The rumors ramped up a day ago when the Bethesda store posted a new pre-order necklace that features a Brotherhood of Steel medallion on leather cord at a whopping $110 price tag. The necklace is expected to ship shortly after E3, where fans are anticipating a trailer or gameplay release. It makes sense that the necklace may tie in to the impending announcement, leaving fans who are craving more Fallout to head to the shop to buy the item in advance. It seems odd that the company would provide it for any other reason, but fans of the series will have to wait another two weeks for any announcements.

Are you one of the many chomping at the bit for more information about another post-apocalyptic open world RPG? Bethesda’s E3 2015 press conference is scheduled for June 14 at 7PM PST / 10PM EST and they will likely have a way fans can tune in live to see the announcement.

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