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Fallout Shelter is causing a lot of waves in the game community. The Bethesda Company launched this strategy game in order to please the gamers until the Fallout 4 comes out.

Fallout Shelter is accessible only on iOS gizmos, at least for now. Gamers can completely control the Vault and they have different tasks that they must complete such as keeping the dwellers working and assigning them with the correct tasks as well as ensuring their protection. Here is a short, but effective list of gimmicks you can use in the game:

  • The Dwellers must stay alive. So, for this to happen, they receive these main resources (power, water and food). Power is the most important resource here because it will keep your room activated.
  • The rooms are also very important. You have the Power Generator, Diner and the Water Treatment room.
  • If you wish to get your hands on more Caps, you will have to engage in more missions, we advise you to focus on Lunchbox missions where you will find unique tools and even dwellers.
  • Gamers are advised to verify SPECIAL (S stands for Strength, P for Perception, E is for Endurance, C is for Charisma, I is for Intelligence, A for Agility and L stands for Luck.). So if you own a Dweller based on Strength, he must be assigned to work in the Power Generator.
  • Consider the Dweller’s character when you assign duties for him.
  • If you’re looking to expand the production, you have to focus on construncting more rooms. They must target the food and water production as well as power.
  • Get rid off all the boulders.
  • Connection of rooms is also important and in order to increase their value, gamers should keep on adding areas to enlarge them. Don’t forget that the bigger the room, the more Power they will need.
  • If you want to construct identical rooms, later they can be merged as one. Just remember to upgrade them.
  • If you expand the inhabitants, you will be allowed to access more rooms.
  • Creating a bigger Vault size allows gamers to delve deeper with the aid of lifts.
  • You can name the newborn Dwellers, but they cannot be put to work. However, they will rapidly turn into adults.
  • Don’t loose track of your Dwellers when they are in Wasteland.
  • They must have all the necessary tools at their disposal, if not they can die.
  • When the Dweller’s health worsens, you have to get them out of there.
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