Fan’s T-Shirt Sets Off Mike Portnoy At Signing

Mike PortnoyMike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy’s just a dude that makes bad decisions. This much, we all know.

The dude made yet another bad decision over the weekend, by posting some missive online about some kid who showed up to an in-store signing of his wearing a Dramatic Turn of Events shirt.

The kid in the shirt likely wore that shirt just to get a rise out of you, Mike. You should have taken the high road but instead, you posted this online:

“Somebody came to my signing today wearing a ‘Dramatic Turn Of Events’ shirt….REALLY??? Couldn’t find a DT shirt from 1985-2010? Please try to use some sensibility/sensitivity when choosing a shirt for an MP event.”

He added in a separate status update and tweet (both of which were deleted):

“Sad I can’t post anything on my own FB & Twitter without getting everyone jumping down my throat. Seems everyone’s allowed an opinion but me.”

No, Mike. You’re allowed to have an opinion. But your fans are also entitled to their opinions, and I’m entitled to mine: You’re an overly sensitive man who likes to expose his own weaknesses.

You’re better than that, dude. But you don’t know that for some reason.

Mike soon after posted the following:

“Once again everyone’s got their panties in a bundle and have taken a post of mine and turned it into sensationalized ‘news’….ugh!

“Look…it’s as simple as this: do what you want, say what you want, listen to what you want, wear whatever shirt you want…It’s a free world!! All I’m saying is remember there are human beings on the other side of your words and actions!

“I’m into peace, love and understanding… Live and let live…

“Sometimes we all get emotional, I am totally guilty of that, no question!! I am a passionate person… But I have no ill intent towards anybody and have no anger or resentments, so please don’t attack me as if I do.”

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