Firefox Browser Free Download for Android – Why Should You Update the App Right Now?

Mozilla Firefox is into the world of Internet for years now.

Providing remarkable service in desktop version, the browser has built a reputation and is used by millions of individuals across the world. With the major shift in usability of technology, Mozilla decided to offer an app for the Android smartphones. And guess what, not only was the idea appreciated by the public, but the Firefox Browser for Android app took the App Store by storm. There have been timely updates for the users, providing new features and improving existing features.

In case you have not installed the app on your smartphone till date, it is the right time to get the app and put your hands on it! Why? Well, the Firefox Browser for the Android app has just got a fresh update. The update has fixed a number of issues that were reported by the users of the previous versions. So what are the changes brought into the app by its latest version?

Before discussing the changes, it’s imperative to know the issues that were reported by the users of its previous versions. To begin with, the app was crashing at the time of start-up in some devices. Secondly, there were issues in playing animated images and this was reportedly stopping other images from loading. Lastly, the Mozilla Location Service (MLS) was causing several problems in submitting every data.

Firefox considered all the issues and came up with an effective update for the Android phones. In this latest update, though there are no new features, every existing problem has been fixed. This means that the app will no more cause start-up crash in the devices that are not compatible with the Android hardware acceleration. Hence, the phone-version of browser will run smoothly and will not crash while surfing.

Apart from this, big animated image files can run perfectly in the browser. The app no more affects other images and hence all the images can be loaded without any error. In addition to this, now all the data related to MLS stumbler can be submitted efficiently. Therefore, the app runs smoothly and performs well in all the Android devices.

If you are using an obsolete version of the Firefox Browser for Android, you have all reasons to update your application now! It will improve your browsing experience as you can view multiple formats of files and load heavy sites smoothly.

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