Firefox Browser Tips And Tricks – Browse Like A Boss

Recently Firefox got a makeover which is being appreciated by internet geeks. It has made surfing much easier which is why people are re-installing it, if you too are using Firefox, then here are a few tips and tricks which will help in improving your browsing experience.

Bookmark It With One Click

This is a nice way of using the bookmark feature; it allows the users to bookmark their favorite site with a single click on the star sign in the top left corner. Much like chrome browser, this feature gives the user the ease to save important URLs for future use. You can also save the bookmark with a certain keyword or tag, for the ease of searching it later. Double clicking on the star will open a new window where you can easily save the bookmark with a title.

Shrinking The Icons

Many people complain that Firefox does not allow its users adequate screen space. This is a handy tool which will minimize the icons and give more screen space to the users. Those who use a netbook or a device with a small screen can make use of this trick to maximize their browsing experience.

  • Go to the view menu,
  • Next, select toolbars
  • After which click on customize
  • Then simply tick on the box next to the “use small icon” feature.

Adding Extra Icons To The Toolbar

Not all icons are preset on the Firefox toolbars, and if you frequently use features such as viewing history, printing, managing downloads, etc., then what you can do is, simply go to the view option, next click on customize and drag in a few options and all the extra icons which you frequently use.

Limit The RAM Usage

Putting extra pressure on the RAM can cause damage to the hardware and slow down the internet speed causing lags. This way you can simply regulate how much memory does the browser take up according to the size of your RAM.

Deleting Items From Address Bar History

There are times, when you do not want the past URLs to show when you are typing in the address bar, this problem has been taken care of by Firefox. All you have to do is go to the address bar, and then press CTRL+L now start typing any URL, and a drop down menu will appear with the name of the site which you wish to delete. Click on the URL, and then press the delete key on the keyboard to remove it completely.

The Auto Complete Feature

Don’t you just hate typing the www and the .com in the end of every web address, here is a simple tip which will save you the pain of typing the prefixes and suffixes of every website. For example, you wish to open Facebook, so all you have to do is, type Facebook after which press Ctrl+Enter and the www. And .com will appear just like that. If the address has a .net in the end the press Shift+Enter and for addresses which have org. Suffixed to it, press Ctrl-Shift-Enter to ease your task.

Media Shortcuts

There are many keyboard codes which Firefox uses to control media playback. They work quite well with the video clips on YouTube, but not too well on SoundCloud.

Changing The Font Size

Changing the font size is quite easy for Firefox users, for textual clarity, you can increase the size of the fonts after which you simply view the site without squinting. It is a nice tool for those who have eyesight problem.

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