First Blood Frontman Explains Egypt Tension

Carl Schwartz

The sad thing about America is that more people in this country could probably name the starting quarterbacks for this weekend’s Super Bowl, but wouldn’t be able to tell you what’s going on in Egypt.

Thankfully, Carl Schwartz from First Blood has provided everyone with a handy guide to what’s happening in Egypt and why you should care.
“My sympathy for government leaders and their false smiles can always reach new lows. But my faith in people and their willingness to rise up could not have been restored at a better time and from one of the most unexpected of places,” writes Schwartz in an online posting. “Surely, the uprising in Iceland and more recent revolts in Tunisia can be credited with igniting the flames of resistance in Egypt, but what we are seeing now in the streets of Cairo, throughout Egypt, and in many parts of the middle east is HUGE. HISTORICAL.”

Schwartz explains that right now, after nearly thirty years of corrupt and repressive rule by Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, “the people of Egypt are hitting the streets by the fucking thousands (with more and more people by the day) demanding that he and his cronies get the fuck out. The people are tired and fed up with the economic inequality and lack of opportunity. They are tired of political opponents being imprisoned and tortured for daring to dissent. The people of Egypt simply want a new government that truly serves the genuine interests of the people, and they want it now.”

Schwartz explains that this important for American because “We are seeing a corrupt and repressive puppet government of Egypt, that has received billions of dollars of financial and military aid from none other than the USA, being slowly ousted by an uprising of common people of all ages, across religions, for a common goal, and armed with the latest and greatest tools of non-violent resistance: The Internet, Social Networks, and mobile communications.”

Why should you care? “From the point of view of someone that was born in America and indoctrinated for years just like everyone else to believe in the ‘greatness’ of the ‘land of the free,’ let me explain why the events in Egypt are so important,” says the singer. “It might take a little effort for many Americans to see the parallels, but if we could all shut off the ‘reality’ TV and put down our iPods for a moment, we might just be able to see how similar we all are to the people of Egypt and just how bad we are being fucked…if not worse. American citizens have just as many reasons, if not more, to revolt against the same corrupt government that abuses them.”

He says that we can learn a lot from Egypt’s uprising. “We should be taking notes on the peoples’ ability to quickly organize, often without designated leaders and chain of command.”

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