Fit For An Autopsy: The Gun Shy Email Interview

Fit For An Autopsy

Ho. Lee. Shit.

I spent all day with the new Fit For An Autopsy disc blasting its way into my crooked ears and I am fucking blown away. The band’s ridiculously heavy and my neck is fucked right now. I was headbanging, driving down the highway. Some dude pulled up and rolled down his window and was like, “Dude, what are you listening to? I have to know.” It was an old guy, not a metal head. At least not an obvious one. I told him, and he laughed.

The Fit For An Autopsy record is worthy of your time, and at the end of this post, you can hear one track off of the new album, The Process of Human Extermination, which is due in stores June 21. I sent the band a bunch of the kinds of questions I find interesting, and guitarists Pat Sheridan and Will Putney kindly answered them for me. Here it goes.

What is the name and telephone number of the girl that appears on the cover of your new album…and is she single? If she is single, please tell me she doesn’t have a kid.

Pat: Well I am currently working on getting a little interview all finished up with that young lady as we speak. I can’t give out her personal info, but she will be on camera answering questions for your viewing pleasure very soon.

How did you orchestrate all of the awesome guest appearances on the record? We know how Guy got involved, but what about Vision of Disorder’s Tim Williams, Full Blown Chaos’ Ray Mazzola, and Travis Richter of The Human Abstract?

Will: I’m actually a record producer for a living. Through the course of making the Fit For An Autopsy record I had been working with Tim Williams and Travis on Vision of Disorder and Human Abstract records. I have a
great respect for both of those dudes as artists and people, so I asked them to sing on our record and they were both happy to do it. Ray was hanging out one day and we just ripped some stuff on the spot, that was more spontaneous and less premeditated but equally as sweet.

What one movie sequel do you wish were never made?

Pat: “Boondock Saints.” No question. Way to ruin a great movie.

What will you be doing tour-wise for the foreseeable future?

Will: We can’t announce dates or anything yet, but we’ll be doing a full U.S. tour in the fall with our buddies in Molotov Solution, as well as some shorter runs this summer. We’re in talks for some really fun stuff right after that too, so it looks like we’ll be circling the U.S. at least twice by the end of the year.

What one band would you love to see return with an album and tour?

Will: Cursed. I can see their influence in the past few years shift a lot of hardcore bands into that darker more aggressive vibe. They’re just pure destruction, and they definitely got a raw deal with how their career ended.

Pat: Stigmata. They are like the forgotten brutal band from the east. So awesome. I’d love to see another record from this band

What scares you more than anything?

Will: Rich companies and governments.

Pat: Big vaginas…just sayin. [Edit: Agreed.]

What’s the one thing you wish you could change about America?

Will: Rich companies and governments.

Pat: Backed!

What name do you wish your parents had actually given you?

Pat: Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

What vacation spot would you recommend to a friend?

Pat: I haven’t been on a vacation in about 20 years. Fuck!

Have you ever been arrested?

Pat: Hahahahahaha, oh man. We don’t have time for this question.

What is your stance on sex during menses — ‘if it bleeds, fuck it’ or ‘once the red tide subsides, surf’s up?’

Pat: Vampires — that’s all I gotta say.

What one record would you give to Satan?

Pat: He has all my favorite records already.

What word do you hate?

Will: Sperzel. Like from Sperzel locking tuners. It sounds like the last name of someone I would hate. “Hi my name is Nick Sperzel.” Go fuck yourself, Nick.

Pat: Moist… I fucking hate that word.

What turns you on?

Pat: Robbie from Molotov Solution… Pure sex.

Were you worried there for a spell there when things were up in the air with Black Market, or did you know Guy would get shit straightened out?

Will: Haha, Guy is always the man with the plan. He’s very forward thinking, and would never let his label succumb to the shifting bullshit in the music industry. Never even crossed my mind that there would be a problem. We’re really happy to be working with him.

Finish this joke: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Will: To buy the Fit For An Autopsy record that comes out June 21 on Black Market Activities!

Pat: Really, Will… Really?

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