For Once, I Agree With All That Remains Frontman Phil Labonte

The gun-lovin’ smack-talker bemoans metal’s lack of edge

Phil LabontePhil Labonte

Phil Labonte

OK, maybe twice. I did agree with his keen assessment that the last All That Remains album was a gigundo pile of manure.

Twice. Twice in my life, I have agreed with Phil Labonte about something.

The diminutively-statured lead singer for All That Remains recently sat down for an interview with Revolver magazine, as part of the ongoing promotion for the band’s impending new LP, The Order of Things.

The album will surface February 24.

Anyways, Phil tells the piss-poor metal rag that he has taken it upon himself to be heavy metal’s “bad guy.”

I don’t agree that he is that. At all. But he does make a point I do agree with.

“It has become so competitive and so hard to actually be a band that can make a living, there are no more people that are bad guys. Everybody’s got the right opinion and they say the right things or they don’t say anything at all. There’s nothing edgy about metal anymore. You’re not edgy because you listen to music that sounds abrasive. That doesn’t make you a forward thinker, that doesn’t make you controversial and it doesn’t make you edgy just because you’re in a band that plays that stuff. Especially when you’re dealing with bands that aren’t trying to play the heaviest music in the world, the music that you play is not really edgy. Ideas are edgy.”

That’s the part I agree with.

He’s right. I hate to fucking say it. Like, really fucking hate to say it. But, he’s right.

The edge has eroded. Inordinate butthurtage has ruined everything.

Phil also admitted he gets “a kick out of being an antagonist.”

He added quite dickishly:

“When it comes to rubbing people the wrong way, I don’t care who I offend. There are no more bad guys in rock and roll and metal. So if the metal world is looking for a bad guy, I’ll be that guy.”

Phil, the metal world already has a “bad guy.”

His name is Tim Lambesis.

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