For Today Frontman Takes Nice Guy Approach With IAU Founder

Not yet on IAUI wonder if For Today frontman Mattie Montgomery actually believed emailing that attention slut and boil on the ass of society Hunter Moore a heartfelt plea to stop posting nude pics of teenage girls on his site, IsAnyoneUp, would work?

I’ve noticed that you can’t reason with idiots. Especially when you’re offering them Jesus as the answer.

In a Facebook email to Moore, which Moore then posted on his site, Mattie first rips on dude (“I absolutely despise what you’re doing in the world and in our scene”) before kissing his ass (“There is a gift in your life for leadership, and that is a really good thing”) and then gets all Jesus on him.

“If you’re ever interest in using your gift for leadership to ADD TO people’s lives, instead of taking away from them — if you ever start to feel like you could (or should) leave a legacy of lives changed for the better, and want to know how to do that, I have devoted my entire life to that cause,” Mattie writes. “I know the source of life-changing power and can lead you there, if you want.”

What a waste of time? You just gave dude content for his site. Ultimately, Moore’s single word response was “Gay.”

By the way, just in the interest of full disclosure, I happen to know for a fact that that dude blows shit up for sensationalism and traffic. Honesty is not something you’re gonna find in that dude. Yes, truth is in photographs — but some of those stories he writes = pure bullshit.

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