For Today’s Frontman Says God Told Him To Marry His Wife

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For Today’s one of those bands whose music and appeal I just don’t comprehend. I know kid’s love ‘em, but what they churn out is the audio equivalent of baby poop and they’re God-fearing Christians who hate people simply because they are attracted to others of the same sex.

If bashing gay people were legal, they’d probably take it up sportingly. With baseball bats. Bats they’d have names for. “This one’s called the ‘Cock-Sucker Crusher.’”

Somehow, For Today survived this controversy, only to find themselves once again in everyone’s gaydar.

It seems over the summer, on his blog, For Today frontman Mattie Montgomery — who released a video last year, saying his band had no qualms with the LGBT world — posted some questionable writings in a post called “Homosexuality and the Rebellious Church.”

For some reason, the dudes at MetalInjection picked up on this suddenly (maybe they go to dude’s blog all the time to read his evangelical extremism?), and here now is a part of that post, if you can stomach it.

In it, Mattie basically says he could have married many different women, but the mystical man in the sky who controls everything good and bad actually chose his wife for him. I wish I didn’t like science.

“I want to say clearly and loudly to the world, once and for all: You may NOT marry whomever you want! God, your Creator and the Judge of all nations, has a perfect plan for your life. It is specifically and uniquely tailored to who He made you to be; and it will bring glory and fame to Him in the earth. For anyone — straight or gay — to assume that they have the right to marry someone for ANY reason other than obedience to the command of God is an act of rebellion against the King of Creation; it is foolish and naïve, egocentric and ignorant.

“I married my wife because God told me to. Yes, I think she’s beautiful. But she’s not the only beautiful woman in the world. Yes, she and I get along great! But, I get along with many other women who are just friends of mine. I choose to love my wife, not because she earned my love, but out of obedience to the Word of God spoken to me 5 years ago, in which He said, ‘Candice will be your wife. I’m calling you to marry her.’

“So, with that said, I’d like to make my stance on homosexuality/homosexual marriage crystal clear: I cannot support the homosexual agenda in our nation.”

There’s a homo agenda? I didn’t realize. I thought there was a movement afoot, with participants both gay and straight, championing for the rights of all people to be miserable in a legally-binding relationship.

“This is not because people call it an ‘abomination,’ or because I’m some sort of homophobe or bigot, but because every argument in support of that act is based on one fundamental misconception; and that is the flawed idea that we should be able to marry whomever we want.

“I have never heard a homosexual couple tell me that the reason they are together is because, out of a place of devotion to the Lord in prayer and scripture study, He commanded them to be together. And, until that happens, there really is no discussion to be had. They will receive the same response I would give to a straight couple that is together for carnal or selfish reasons: You are in disobedience to God, and you have made an idol out of yourself. Repent. Leave this relationship, and commit yourself to hear and obey the spoken Word of God.”

This cat’s a lunatic. God told him which chick to marry? I wish I was an oblivious asshole who could just forget every rational instinct I have and give in to some imagined faith I could allegedly have in some dude who hovers above all. But then I’d have to ask that dude why he was wasting his time telling me what broad to marry when people in the world were starving to death and the so-called bad folks he’s said to smite seem to be living the high life?

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