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Top 5 Candy Crush Saga Cheats You Must Know to Reach Higher Levels

Gunshy TeamMay 22, 2015 Despite other poplar mobile games today, Candy Crush Saga is still among the top favourites, even though Candy Crush Soda Saga, its new version, is also making … Games0 Comments fallout-4

Bethesda Releases Doom 4 Teaser, Is Fallout 4 Coming Next?

Gunshy TeamMay 22, 2015 Bethesda is really excited about holding their first ever conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 and they are mighty prepared to face it with some… Games0 Comments morph-mod

4 Awesome Minecraft Mods Available For Free

GSAMay 21, 2015 Are you bored with playing the same old standard Minecraft version that doesn’t really have that spark anymore? Well, if you think that’s all there is to Mine… Games0 Comments minecraft-tu21

Minecraft Xbox 360 TU21 Update Features

Gunshy StaffMay 21, 2015 As part of their continuous efforts to improve the game 4J studios released Title Update 21 on February 11. Unlike previous updates the patch addressed mostly i… Games0 Comments gta-v-pc-train

GTA 6 Release Date Rumors: Setting, Characters and New Features

Gunshy StaffMay 21, 2015 For avid video gamers with a passion for action-adventure and strategy-based gaming titles, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise by Rockstar is among the best t… Games0 Comments skyrim

The Elder Scrolls VI: Argonia Better Than Skyrim?

GSAMay 21, 2015 The Elder Scrolls might just be one of the most anticipated Role Playing Game (RPG) and the series is already very popular in the gaming community. Bethesda are… Games1 Comment minecraft-xbox-one

List of Minecraft Xbox One Updates for 2015

GSAMay 20, 2015 Microsoft and 4J Studios keeps making updates to Minecraft to ensure that the users have a great experience as they play as well as introduce new features. H… Games0 Comments GTA-V

GTA 5 Future Expansions: Zombie DLC on the cards?

Gunshy StaffMay 20, 2015 GTA 5 is one of the best selling games ever and when news broke that it may be getting a single player zombie DLC, the online gaming forums have literally explo… Games0 Comments Elder-Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls VI: Argonia Release Date

GSAMay 20, 2015 According to the rumor mill, The Elder Scrolls VI will be launched in early 2016. Bethesda has not yet confirmed that the development of the title is in progres… Games1 Comment the-sims-4-get-to-work

The Sims 4 Pets Expansion Rumors

Gunshy StaffMay 20, 2015 The Sims is an immensely popular life simulation game and Sims 4 was released as an upgrade to Sims 3 that was released in 2009. Sims allows players to create v… Games0 Comments



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